The Calm in between the storm

Yesterday this girl and I left the house at 730 am and didn’t get home until 7pm. She is a trooper. Always a smile. Always ready for our next adventure. If I ever get a second to think about it… I feel a little sad for her on days like yesterday. In and out and in and out of her car seat. And coat. And shoes. No real nap. No real meal. By the end of the day she TOLD ME “nigh nigh”. Bless her. That big world out there is crazy and loud and messy and one of the best parts of my job is being able to create this soft place for them to retreat to. To be simple and quiet. Even if it’s just for a moment. We made one of these moments happen this morning. In between the chaos of getting lunches ready and the big kids out the door and preschool drop off… We were quiet. And simple.

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Nothing but Everything

OSo… What have you been up to?!

A question I’ll get asked by my dear friends whom I havent seen in way too long. Harmless. But it always stops me in my tracks… What HAVE I been up to? My days start at 630am and doesn’t end for another 16 hours. My MomAgenda’s pages are filled with practices and appointments. I’ve got my phone’s alarm going off every fifteen minutes reminding me of where I need to be. I’ve got Evites and Signup Genious email that fill my Google acct. But, what the $&@! Have I been up to for the last few months… Nothing. And Everything.

Super Mom

Most days I feel like this parenting thing is kicking my butt.
Most days I forget someone’s something or am late to someone’s someplace.
Usually our meals are not the healthiest and our bedtimes are not the earliest.
The kids usually end up crying and I usually end up screaming.
(Or is it the other way around?)
But every once in a while…
I’ll have a day like today.
A day where at 8:30pm everyone is in bed.
With their teeth brushed.
And their ears cleaned.
And a healthy home cooked meal in their bellies.
Wednesday August 21st 2013…
I rocked you.
And today was not just any ol’ Wednesday August 21st.
It was back-to-school Wednesday.
The FIRST day of KINDERGARTEN for my sweet Lilah-Gracie Bee!
We had a big breakfast and all drove the two big kids to school.
Pictures on the front steps…check.
Kids to school on time…check.
No tears. (For either mama or babies)…check. check. check.
We went to church, ran some errands, had a doctors appointment, went out for ice cream and were home in time to rest for an hour and cook dinner.
Just call me Super Mom.
For today anyway.
Tomorrow I’ll be back to the mom who forgets to pick her kids up from school and who feeds them cereal for dinner…
But for today…
Super Mom.

High and Low

We’ve had some pretty high highs and some pretty low lows around here lately.
As for the lows…
we will get through it.
As anyone does.
As for the highs…
Well, for one, this little princess graduated from preschool.
This milestone, while a high for my little girl, felt more like a low for me.
I cried the entire time.
Thanks alot hormones.
I can not believe she is old enough to be going to kindergarten this fall.
And as much as it breaks my heart I am so so proud of the little lady she is becoming.
In between Mother’s Day and school ceremonies summer has been trying to show its face.
We hosted our first cook out with friends and family and it felt so good to have the house filled with people and food and laughter.
And with the warm weather brings our nightly backyard baseball games.
We’ve had to switch to using soft balls because Taegan’s swing has gotten so hard that our neighbors are starting to fear for their lives.




Me. By Lilah-Grace Age 4





Graduation Night







Excuse my puffy eyes. I had just stopped crying!







Right in the middle of all that’s been going on we had a very big day.
We took all the kids to the doctors with us for the big 20 week appointment.
They got to see their baby on the ultra sound and were in awe of its little hands and feet and face.
We had the technician write the gender in a card and had her staple it shut.
We had the secret info relayed to our family friend who was on call at Party City with a handmade box and filled it with balloons.
That evening we had our family and friends over for the big reveal…



Special thanks to Cindy Conte!







Taegan was a tad disappointed, but made a quick recovery and he was pointed out that being the only boy had its perks.



My sister is expecting a baby boy on October 1st and our little girl is due October 10th.


It should be a race to the finish line!





The girls are officially out of school and we’ve been spending a lot of time in the sprinklers waiting for the pool to open.

T-minus 6 days until Taegan is out of school and our summer officially starts.

My Mother’s Day

It’s nice to have a day where you are able to claim…
“Its MY day, so I get to…”
Fill in the blank.
1. Sleep in late.
2. Have breakfast made and cleaned up for me.
3. Take a 2 hour nap.
4. Choose my own radio station.
5. Not have to wipe any bottoms.
6. Not have to wipe ANYTHING!
I had a pretty great Mother’s Day.
While all the details were taking care for me I had sometime to look around and see what is right in front of me.
To start, I have a pretty amazing husband.
I may or may not give him a hard time about his singing and nail biting and the amount of time he takes to get ready…
But when it comes down to it, he kinda loves me.
A lot.
And I know it.
Which is pretty awesome.
And I only hope he knows how much I love him.
Together we have these pretty great kids, with one more on the way, and they are the most precious gifts I could have ever asked for.
They drive me crazy.
They are loud and dirty and messy, but dang do I love them.
I love being their mom.
I told each one of them that last night as I was tucking them in.
“I love being your Mommy”
I’m not sure I’ve ever told them that before, which makes me sad.
Because I feel it everyday.
I love this job.
This role.
This life.
Whatever you want to call it.
I have it pretty darn good.
A very wise lady once told me…
“People can call me a lot of things, but they can not call me ungrateful.”
I feel that way too.
I am so incredibly grateful for all of this crazy life.
Happy Mother’s Day.

That’s All That Matters

It’s crazy the way life happens.
How it unfolds with you right in the middle of it.
Some of life is so bright and beautiful that it seems too good to be real.
Some of it seems so unreal for different reasons.
I try to be optimistic.
To look for the silver linings.
To look for the good.
And if there is something that I have found to be true in my long 29 years of life, it is that there is always,
something to be grateful for.
It is hard to see that from rock bottom.
And when anyone is going through a hard time, I just pray that they are able to see the good around them.
That they are able to be grateful for what they have.
That they are really able to feel gratefulness deep in their soul.
There is a peace in that.
I’m sitting here typing with a heavy heart and yet the wind is blowing and the smells of summer are so strong that I can’t help but stop for a second and take a deep breath in.
I am grateful for that.
I am grateful for my family and for the opportunity to tell them I love them.
Something I don’t do often enough.
I am grateful and yet I feel kind of lost.
Like I don’t know what else to feel.
Life can be so complicated, but when it comes down to it, it is really not complicated at all.
It’s your family and friends and the ones you care about.
That’s all that matters.

Stick A Sock In It!

Do you have (or know) a child that
I do.
She’s cute and tiny and she doesn’t shut up for even a second.
She’s been home sick with me all week.
I’m not sure I am going to be able to make it two more days.
I’m not sure how many more questions I can answer…
“Right Mommy?”
“Right Mommy?”
“Do I look pretty Mommy?”
“Do you want me to sing a God song Mommy?”
“Do YOU want to sing a God song Mommy?”
“Where are we going now?”
“What about now?”
She talks whether I’m listening or not.
Whether I’m in the same room or not.
She talks to her babies… and her baby’s babies.
Do you think it would be rude to tell her to
“Stick a sock in it!”?
Thought so.
Good thing she’s so stinkin’ cute…