Going Commando

So I’ve hit a new low today. I just sent my little boy off to school going “commando”. Free Ballin. No undies. Get the picture. Not because I have completely lost it, at least not yet. But, I have the most ridiculously high mountain of laundry sitting in my room. I swear every piece of clothing that we own is in that corner. I asked for Mothers Day that my husband do the laundry as my present. Riiight. So I was forced to send Taegan to school sansunderwear. Not a proud moment. I just hope he can hold it until I get there to pick him up! Now, I don’t usually loath doing the laundry. Its all the steps that really get to me. As if its not enough that I have to pick through and sort it all into color piles (eww touching all that dried on food and nasty underpants), then I’ve got to haul it downstairs and put it in the washer. STILL not done. So then you’ve got to remember to switch it into the dryer at some point that day, bc if you leave it in there too long it starts to smell again. Trust me. After the drying you’ve got to haul it BACK up stairs only to fold it. And then, worst of all, put it away! Uhh, its never ending! And thatsjust the brights! I’ve still got darks, whites, and towels to do! So on my morning off, let me rephrase, on my morning “a man down” I get to spend it sorting, loading, switching, hauling, and folding. Sweet.