Breaking the Rules

Two nights ago Lilah-Grace was stirring around 9 o’clock pm. My standard rule is to never pick a baby up once you put them down for the night and has worked wonders thus far. This night though I had been out running errands and had missed giving her a kiss goodnight so I did the unthinkable. I went in a picked up my sweet chubby little angel. She was wide awake and instead of quickly trying to get her back to sleep I just sat back and enjoyed the moment. We rocked and she cooed. She was grabbing at my nose and mouth and babbling away, wide awake. It was such a precious moment. We laughed and sang and rocked for about an hour. Still wide awake I brought her downstairs (breaking another one of my rules) but she was being so sweet I had to let her daddy see. So the three of us (which so rarely happens bc big brother is usually around) sat on the floor and played a little while longer. She was clean and smelled like Johnson&Johnson from her bath and in her feety PJ’s wobbling around the living room. This is what its all about. I’m pretty good about keeping my kids on schedules and sticking to rules, but one thing that I do pride myself on is my ability to break the rules! Those make for the best memories. Splashing in puddles in white tee shirts. Running through the sprinkler after they’ve been bathed and dressed for the night. Letting the boy paint his stomach with paints bc he wants to write “Go Notre Dame”. Its so easy to just say “no” because its not part of the “plan” or “schedule” but I had made a conscious decision early on that I was not always going to play by the rules. That the little messes weren’t going to be a big deal. The dirtier my kids are at the end of the day…the more fun we’ve had. So the other night was one of those times that we broke the rules and made some memories.