New York, Neeew Yooork…

Our trip to NYC was great! Now that it is behind us I can hopefully get back on track and keep up with this blogging! We left August 7th, Friday morning and took the train from RIC all the way to NYC! Taegan did great. We got the front row in the train and had lots of room for him to play. Our hotel, The Benjamen was in Midtown Manhattan and after we unloaded our suitcases we wasted no time and went exploring. Our first afternoon there might have been our busiest! We walked to Central Park, stopping at FAO Schwartz on the way 🙂 We had promised Taegan we’d go on a carriage ride and that we did! We walked through The Plaza hotel where Tae got to play in “Eloise’s Room”.

On Saturday we woke up to find that Park Avenue had been shut down for the city’s Summer Streets festival. They had tents set up all along the street with different stuff to do. We even got to play with chalk right on Park Ave in the middle of the day! We made our way to Times Square and made a quick stop so the boys could play in the ESPN Zone. On our way back we came across Bryant Park (my fav) where they had shelves of books out for anyone to read. Taegan and I sat in this tree covered park in the middle of the city and read Oliva! It was great! Later that day was our first trip to The New Yankee Stadium. We arrived early in hopes to catch batting practice (aka meet Derek Jeter) but were disappointed to find out that there wasn’t any batting practice bc the night before the game had gone into 15 innings and wasn’t over until 1am…BOO! Anyway, it was very cool, although after the 4th inning Taegan was done, and honestly so was I. We were both exhausted from the day before and took a taxi back to the hotel.

Sunday morning we woke up to find that Lexington Ave (the street that our hotel was on) was closed down for a street fair! They had everything you could imagine for about 15 or 20 blocks! I got a shirt, dress, and necklace, and Tae got some ridiculous binoculars that he had to have 🙂 That afternoon at 3 was The Lion King! We had great seats and the show was absolutely amazing! It was 2 hours and 45minutes long and kept Taegans attention the whole time, which is amazing in of itself.

Monday we packed up and headed down to The Natural of the Liberty, only to find the line wrapped around Battery Park and an almost two hour wait! (That day was 95degrees, the hottest New York had seen all summer!) No chance we were waiting in that so we bought tickets for the next morning and decided to try to find the Fire Museum. After a little coaxing, Logan finally called just to make sure, oooonly to find out that they were CLOSED on Mondays! We ended up walking through the Financial District and Logan got to see Ground Zero, Taegan got some baseball cards and the world was right again. Trying to make our way back we discovered The Brooklyn Bridge and Pier 17 where they had pirate ships…a big hit with Tae! That evening we walked Tae to the playground in Central Park where he had a BLAST! They had fountains and slides and after getting soaking wet we enjoyed a pre-dinner ice cream on a rock in the park.

Tuesday morning we got up at 6:45 to make it to the Statue of Liberty by 7:30! At 8am we were on a boat headed to Statue Island. Taegan was fairly impressed, although a little tired, and a little disappointed that this Statue was “real” like the one he took a picture with in Central Park 🙂 When we got back we went over to the Fire Museum and then walked through Soho for lunch. Our next Yankee game was at 7 that night and we had awesome seats in the outfield! This time I was the one who had just about had it, being 5months pregnant and all, and we made it to the 7th inning before having to take the subway home.

Wednesday was our departure day, but didn’t stop us from cramming in a few more of the sites. We took Tae to the Central Park Zoo that morning and had a blast! We saw sea lions, polar bears, penguins, and monkeys! Tae had a blast in the Children’s Zoo feeding the animals and jumping on lily pads. On our way back we stopped in to FAO again bc we had promised we would buy him and his sister something special from the BiGGEST toy store ever. I for one had a very hard time pick out the perfect thing for our little girl, but decided on the cutest little baby doll and basket called The Penelope PeaPod! Taegan however knew exactly what he wanted. A neon orange sparkly snake that looks like he could have won it at Kings Dominion!! I was devastated. I wanted him to have something nice that he would always remember being from FAO his first trip to New York. After I guilted him into it, he finally agreed to get this lion I had pick out, “Okay mom, I’ll get the lion” Needless to say I felt awful and told him to choose what he really wanted…the snake, of course. We saw Travis Barker, from Blink 182, there with his kids, our only celeb-siting of the trip. After that we were off to the hotel to pack up and make our 3’oclock train. It had been an amazing, fun, full, LONG trip away from our little girl and we were all ready to get back to her. When we did get home that night around 9:30 we couldn’t help but wake her up! She looked bigger, her hair darker, but still that same sweet smile. Taegan couldn’t resist giving her her gift, which she adores. We can’t wait until next time when she’ll get to go with us…*A special Thanks to Logan’s dad for all the wonderful memories*