So I wanted to include a funny email that I had sent Logan the other day, but first have to get something off my chest. That’s right I said email. My husband and I’s relationship has now gotten to the point where we no longer chat during the day…we email. It’s sad really, and after a long day of two crying kids and a handful of unreturnedphone calls it’s down right infuriating. My precious husband has got to be the hardest man in the entire free world to get a hold of. Although, I stop myself here but something confuses me… Every time I am with him he manages to answer his damn “crackberry” every single time it rings, or buzzes, or chimes, or whatever other annoying sound it makes. He is constantly clicking away, or scrolling through, or googling, or answering that thing. BUT, somehow, MIRACULOUSLY….Every time I call he “Doesn’t feel it vibrate” or “Was in an important meeting”.RIIIIGHT. Listen. With two young kids going in every different direction the last thing I have is time to chat. When I call its usually bc I need to know something…quick. Like “are you going to be home for dinner?” or “where areTaegan’s blue sports socks bc he refuses to leave the house in anything else?” ANYWAY… the email. It was just a few lines… a few seconds of what my days are now filled with. Here you go…

To: Michael Logan

Taegan on the toilet: “MOMMMMYY!!!!!!!!!”
Me: “What!”
Taegan: “I can smell my poopy!”
Me: “Well, thats what happens when you go to the bathroom”
Taegan: (now crying) “Well…Its really gross!”

don’t smile…