I had to run into CVS w/Lilah-Grace and McKinnley the other day to pick up their prescriptions. Macky is still too small to go into the double stroller so for now I am having to carry LG while pushing Macky anytime wee need to run errands. And anytime LG is not restrained in some way you know that it could potentially be a harry situation. So anyway we are walking through the aisles of CVS and Lilah-Grace is point and grabbing at everything! We get to the magazine aisle and she starts to point at the covers…”Dis Dadda?” “Dis T-T?”… Finally she comes to a cover with Heidi Klum on it…”Dis Mama?” to which I reply, “Yes sweetie, yes it is!” Nothing like a little mid-morning pick me up!

We had a beautiful weekend this past weekend and ended it as we spent it…outside! Logan, Taegan, and I had a little night basketball game going after the girls went down and before Tae’s bedtime. I suggested that we play the game PIG and Tae had never played before. So..I start explaining the rules…”and if you miss you have a P” to which he responds with a very confused look on his face…”uhh…okay…where?” I couldn’t help but die laughing! He is notorious for peeing outside, but to have someone tell him to go pee (or so he thought) was weird! We both laughed until we had tears in our eyes…