Waiting on my Mac…but for now, Spring Break!

A lot has been going on in the past week, but due to my computer situation (no more memory/room for any new downloads or pictures) I haven’t been able to download any new pics! I hate doing posts w/o any pics to go along with it…BORING! But…so I don’t forget…Easter 2010. The Easter Bunny came in a BIG way this year. AfterTaegan had studied baby chicks in his class the Easter Bunny thought it would be SOsoSOso cool to get the kids…BABY DUCKS!

They are so stinkin cute and I can only imagine The Easter Bunny walking by a tub full of these sweet things in, Southern States lets say, and not being able to resist!! Tae and LG LOVE them and since its Spring Break its given them something fun to do! The pictures of all four of them (oh yes its TWO baby ducks! They tried to sell The Easter Bunny SIX baby ducks but, The Easter Bunny threw a bit of a fit and 30mins later they finally decided to let him take two…THANK GOODNESS!) anyway the pictures are super cute and I can’t wait to be able to post them. Easter here was gorgeous and we did not stop until the sun went down!

We had two Easter lunch/dinners filled with TONS of family and the ducks came too!! (You didn’t think Tae would leave his babies behind did ya!?!) Ugg… its killing me that I can’t post pics! My manual shooting is getting better by the day and being outside with all this sun doesn’t hurt! BEing Spring Break and BEing 90degrees I couldn’t think of a better place to BE than at The River! So…Me, 3 kids, and two baby ducks (yes…we brought the ducks!) packed up and headed down to the Rivah!! I was a little nervous about taking all three by myself, but the truth is that 3 kids anywhere is a lot of work, so aside from the packing and unpacking it wasn’t much different than being at home. Plus, kids can entertain themselves forever at the river. I do wish someone was there to see how I got all 3 down to the beach though. It was DARN impressive if i do say so myself! At Logan’s grandparents house, to get down to the beach you have to climb down a STEEP cliff on no less than 45steps…

Picture this…Taegan and Lilah-Grace all slippery with sunscreen. Tae carrying his basket full of toys. Me with Baby Macky strapped to my chest w/the Baby Bjorn, her bouncy seat and beach bag on one arm and holding/dragging a slippery LG with the other! It was quite a sight and quite a workout…but worth it. (Again pictures would be great here) The kids had a blast in the FREEZING cold water, Macky was happy as a clam 🙂 in her bouncy seat set up under the dock, and I even got a little sun! The car ride back was a different story and to spare you the long version went a little like this: cry/scream/stop/pee/cry/almost hit stupid guy w/trailor/cry/stop/cry…HOME! Now we are ending Spring Break with a cool, rainy, lazy Friday…which is fine by me. Hopefully this weekend we’ll get a few minutes to run out and get our new Mac computer which I am SUUUPER excited about and I’ll be able to upload pictures at lightening fast speed easy as pie soon! 🙂