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Here are some pics from our latest Rivah trip…

Our first day there our cousins were in town from Colorado and Taegan and Dylan had a blast jumping, running, swimming, and giggling their way through the day.

I had to.

My kids LOVE the water!

ALL of them! McKinnley sat here forever mesmerized by the water. She splashed and giggled and played forever. Get a load of those eyelashes!

The next morning we were up at the crack of dawn 🙂 but up early enough to get some berry pickin in before we were SCORTCHED by the 102degree weather! These raspberries grow on the side of my grandparents road. MILLIONS of them according to Taegan.
They are the yummiest, sweetest, ripest you’ll ever taste!

(Refer to the top of this post to see the what we ate for the rest of our trip.
I’m convinced you could sell these at Martins for a couple hundred bucks!)
When we got back Lilah-Grace wasted no time gettin in a little swim…

I took her PJ’s off and she ran right to the bushes screaming “I have go Pee Pee weally Baaad!”
One less diaper for me to change 🙂

Then our friends FINALLY arrived (after a little detour/almost trip to VA beach)!