Bald Head Island 2010

So, I’m back…
I won’t tell you who gave into who (regarding the Lilah-Grace sleeping and Verizon battles)
Lets just say we slept through the night last night and woke up to TV and Internet this morning.
~And the world is right again~
We’ve been home for a week now and are just about back into our regular schedule and still nowhere near unpacked.
I LOATH unpacking.
Just like i LOATH the laundry.
(Bet ya didn’t know that)
Its all the steps that get me!
I mean I did laundry and made piles and packed suitcases and carry-ons for weeks before our trip.
I did laundry and organized the suitcases DURING our trip.
Now that we are back the last thing I want to deal with are those darn suitcases!
It was worth it.
Our trip was just what we needed.
Bald Head Island is an island off of the coast of North Carolina.
There are no cars and to get there you have to take a ferry.
Which with 3 little ones, 2 pack n plays, 1 excersaucer (and a partridge in a pear tree) it was quite a bit of work.
Again…worth it.

Once you get to the island there is nothing commercial about it.
You are far from neon lights, honking horns,  and corny beach themed restaurants.
Golf carts are your means of transportation. The paths are long and winding and cut through what we called “The Jungle”.

The beaches are wide and white and even on Forth of July weekend you were never too close to anyone you didn’t want to be close to.
We would head out in the mornings (at the request of the rest of the household) and explore the island in our little golf cart.
We went to the old lighthouse, explored the marshlands, went to the sea turtle conservancy.
Needless to say our four year old little boy was in HEAVEN!
We saw lizards and frogs and snakes and turtles.
And the highlight of the week was our alligator friend.
We would make nightly visits to his pond and he would never disappointed.
We spent our days in the waves. Finding seashells and floating in the ocean.
On afternoons that the kids had had enough of the sand we made our way to the club for a swim in the pool.

Logan and I even got to sneak away one afternoon and caught the ferry back to the mainland to explore South Port.
Speaking of South Port. I forgot to mention that on the day we arrived, before we caught the ferry over to the island, South Port was having a Fourth of July Festival that would rival any other 4th festival out there! (actually I think the town did win some kind of 4th of july award for best celebration) It was verry cool. Even got to catch up with an old friend from ECU to top it off.

Logan and I walked around the sweet little town, shopped here…

got lunch at the marina, then had a drink here…

We joked about this place because it was literally a shed that they had slapped on the end of a dock.
Actually calling it a shed might be an upgrade from what it was. It had no walls or windows.
Just a bar.
And beer.
My kind of place.
A storm was a’brewin and on the end of that pier the wind and waves were rolling.
It was a good day.

Most evenings we would end the day with walks on the beach.
This was probably one of my favorite parts.
Can you say…”Photo Op??”
I could have stayed our there for hours snapping shots in that light.

On the 6th we celebrated Lilah-Grace’s birthday and surprised her with decorations and birthday candles in her Eggo waffles (come on give a mom a break I was on vacation!)
I did make a birthday dinner and we did presents and sang again.
It was a good day.

We had back to back birthdays and celebrated with my dad on the 7th.
We left that next Saturday in the rain and clouds filled to the top.
The perfect way to leave the beach.
The only way to leave the beach.
On our way out of South Port we stopped by my cousins, Jean and Bert, and gave them a
for letting us crash their beach cottage and for the wonderful memories.
I couldn’t help but over hear Jean saying to my Dad on the way out that she would count on us for the same time next year.
~This is me marking my calender~

Here are a few more of my favorites from the trip…


katie said…

I LOVE this post! I’ve added “go to Bald Head Island” to my to-do list in life. You are an amazing photographer and your entire family is SO gorgeous. Happy birthday to your adorable daughter too! Have a great week.