Just Play Ball

“I was taking clothes out of the dryer, folding, etc. today. My son kept asking me to play ball, play ball, play ball. Today I put all the clothes down , put all my other chores aside, thought of you and baby Gavin, and played ball. Thanks to you and him for the beautiful reminder that time does not stand still , so grab it. And play ball!”
This is from a story I read a few weeks ago about a young mom who lost her baby boy when he was only a few months old. 
I actually had to stop reading several time before I could finish.
She got this response from another reader and it just rocked me to the core.
I am guilty of answering my little ones requests to play with:
“In just a minute” or “Not right now”
Sometimes its because I am in the middle of doing something.
Sometimes… its for no good reason at all.
Ever since reading her story and reading this response I’ve been answering those requests quite differently.
Today we are home after 7 days of vacation. 
I am welcoming this cloudy day with open arms and using it as a reason to not get out of our PJs.
Our house looks like a tornado hit while we were gone and the kids are not helping the cause. 
I’ve been running around trying to get our lives back in order when my son asked me if I’d like to try out his new tennis racket and ball.
“Play Ball.”
Its the first thing that came into my mind. 
I dropped everything and played a little game of tennis in the play room with my boy.
He thought it was HILARIOUS when I tripped and almost fell over the baby crib. 
In that moment of his laughter I felt so blessed. 
I feel blessed every other day, I really do.
But today it was something greater than the two of us. 
Greater than that sweet little baby and his family.
As hard as that story was to read, I’m glad I did.
It changed me.
It will change you too.


tara said…

Hi Whitney, I am back, and I follow Natalie and I know that happened and it has changed me, over and over and over, her story, their story is so sad, because of her I got my pertussis shot and I try to meet the demands of my wee one when I can…go for your taking lead as well~ we can’t always be the best, but we sure can try to do the best as mommies!

Sam said…

I had not read that story before but I think about situations like that all the time. So many times I say “in a minute” to my kids, and like you said, sometimes it’s for no good reason. I’ve been making an effort to not do that as well. Especially since some moms don’t get to stay home with their kids. I think motherhood is a job that will always have a guilt factor associated with it, but it’s good to give into our kids more often than not!

Ashley said…

What a great post. Really makes you think twice.
So glad you are back and posting. Missed them. Now I have something to look forward to each morning before my day gets to busy!