Better than Brad Pitt

So It wasn’t Brad Pitt that came to visit me yesterday as some of you thought…
It was even better!
One of my BEST friends and sorority sisters drove South to come hang out
‘Logan Style’
for the day.
We watched Curious George, danced, sang, laughed and she got her butt KICKED by Tae in Candyland.
My kids waited all morning for her arrival and literally ran to the window every 45 seconds yelling
“Is Jessthica here yet??”
They loved her.
Of course.
I think she liked them alright too.
 A couple of hours separate us and although we don’t get to see each other’s faces as often as we would like, we picked up yesterday with out skipping a beat.
We might have well be back in GVegas taking one of our 2 hour “runs”, that never actually turned into running bc we were too busy talking and walking.
I’m not sure we stopped to catch our breath yesterday as we bounced from topic to topic gabbing about everything under the sun as we always do.
Babies and marriage to politics and the stimulus plan.
(so I mostly talked about babies and marriage and she was the one talking about politics and the stimulus…but that didn’t matter)
She had never ACTUALLY met Lilah-Grace or McKinnley although we both felt as if she met them a hundred times.
We text or email or facebook or blog almost daily.
I love that she feels like she knows them and watches them grow up.
Logan even came home early so they we could  get some alone time.
We walked around the mall and then got dinner and wine
and it was like a breath of fresh air.
Just walking around talking about clothes and paint colors and work and traveling.
her traveling.
She is one of the most happy, uplifting, supportive people I know and just being in the same room as her will leave you in a good mood.
And usually doing some kind of dance moves.
She had to leave after dinner so the kids and I walked her to her car while we had a break in the rain.
We were still yapping as she slowly pulled away with her car window down…we could have talked for a week straight.
We waved goodbye and as she drove away, Taegan and Lilah-Grace started giggling and  splashing in puddles.
I couldn’t help but watch my dear friend drive away and then look down to my beautiful bouncing babies and think about how far I have come.
How far we both have come.
And how I would change a single thing if i could.
Thanks for a great day Jess!!
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katie said…

I love both of your blogs. Sounds like you two had a blast! Thanks for sharing.

Jessica said…

I. LOVE. YOU. Bottom line- I think you’re the best. What a great summary of our wonderful day together You have no idea how wonderful it felt to read. xoxo

Anonymous said…

So sweet Whit. Sometimes an old friend helps us to breathe a little easier and just enjoy the present moment. Glad you enjoyed each other. Stacy