Dream A Little Bigger

I am so in love with these banners and have been wanting to make one out of the yards of burlap that I’ve been using for projects all over my house.
I did.
I love it.
Dream A Little Bigger
I don’t have window treatment in this room for a couple reasons.
1. I DO NOT have an eye for them.
2.  Because I do not have an eye for them, I hate them.
3. And… I LOVE all the natural light.
It needed something.
How cool is it that my kids get to see this message everyday.
(It might be a little cooler if they could actually read and understand it…but whatev)
I explained it to Taegan and I’m pretty sure he might have been listening to me and maybe even understood half of it.
Dream A Little Bigger.
How cool is it that I get to see this message everyday.
I just traced the triangles onto the burlap, cut them out, painted the letters on using stencils, then hot glued them to a looooong piece of ribbon.
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Beverly @ FlamingoToes.com said…

This is so pretty! I love the burlap of course. Super cute. But I love that it’s an “everyday” pennant – not just for holidays or birthdays. It’s a great window treatment!!
~stopping by from Tatertos & Jello~

Alli said…

i love these banners too! I totally stole the idea from your work space for mine! you have great ideas! thanks for the inspiration!

Jen @ tatertotsandjello.com said…

Really cute!! I love your Family Rules Art too!