School & Parties & Orders…Oh My!

So I’ve been counting down to the start of the school year for a couple of weeks now.
Not only looking forward to a little break from the kids but from a little break in the action.
Or so I thought.
I always feel like summers are going to be the time to relax and take it easy and every year they seem more and more jam packed with travel plans and playdates.
This summer was no exception.
So with the start of the school I was hoping things would slow down around here a little.
No chance.
I’m pretty sure things aren’t going to slow down around here for the next 20 or so years…
Which is fine!
The kids started school…HURRAY!!
The start of school can only mean one thing…
Front Step Pictures (dun dun dun).
My kids love LOVE love school and would go 5 days a week if they could.
(Oh how I wish they could!)
About a week ago a stomach bug went through our house and as a result we were forced to postpone my sisters 25th birthday celebration until this weekend.
So in between DIS~gusting diaper changes, multiple trips to the bathroom with the little one, back to school meetings and Lillie Bee orders…
We planned and hosted, a much deserved, par~tay for my sis.
(I even remembered to wear my sweet lil’ apron)
~Happy 25th Pipa…We Love You!!~
Aaaand I quit my ‘stalker ways’ and finally went IN to the Babystuff and Kids 2, instead of doing drive bys late at night, to check out my Lillie Bee display.
They said everything is selling really well, and less than a week later, they are ready to place
ANOTHER order!
So… I may or may not be having a mini~panic attack thinking about everything I need to/should be doing right now.
That being said…
I gotta run while both girls are sleeping and Tae is zoned out in front of the TV reading books quietly.