Happy Fall Ya’ll

Happy Fall Ya’ll!
Yup that’s right…October 1 rolled around faster than I could have imagined and right on cue so did the crisp cool weather.
I am a summer girl.
I like it hot.
I like to walk around barefoot and be at the River.
This year I am welcoming Fall with open arms.
The months of 100 degree mosquito filled days can get to a girl with 3 kids 4 and under.
So this year, I jumped at the chance to pull out my girls matching jackets and fuzzy bunny boots.




Who am I kidding…
I’ve been waiting to pull out my beloved Frye boots and corduroy skirts.
We wasted no time and hit up the pumpkin patch this year.
Growing up, my mom always went all out when decorating our house for the seasons.
And I love being able to to that for my kids.
They get such a kick out of driving up to the house and seeing our goofy witch on the door and are filled with such pride when they point out which pumpkin is theirs.
Why wait?







We had a blast and have been enjoying this cooler weather with front yard football games and walks to the creek.
(Where, by the way, Tae caught TWO tadpoles, a minnow, and a CRAYFISH~ who knew??)






With each passing month I think that THIS will be the month that we will just chill.
Hang out.
Enjoy being lazy.
We are a week into October and busier than ever.
Lillie Bee is doing AWESOME in Babystuff & Kids 2 and I am already working on their
~What have I gotten myself into?~
I am actually super excited but between orders, and fevers, and court dates (yikes!! minor speeding ticket and thanks to my dad is all taken care of!) and Lilah-Gracie’s shenanigans…
Speaking of poop…
Funny story.
Lilah-Grace screams out the other day, “AHHH THERE IS A SNAKE!”
I scream out, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN??!?!?”
and run to her rescue.
Little did I know that she was down in the bathroom.
On the potty.
Looking at her own poop.
And with that…I will leave you.
Have a great Friday!


katie said…

That is hilarious about the “snake.” I am just LOVING your blog & pictures…Your entire family could be models…cutest kids!!! So glad more & more people are finding your wonderful blog. It’s just so inspiring! Have a wonderful weekend!