Sprinkles of Christmas Magic

So Christmas has come and gone.
And it was so good.
The presents have been given and opened.
The food has been made and eaten.
And my house has been covered in toys since 7am Christmas morning.
With families the size of ours, Christmas always starts a few days early and last for days afterwards.
Which is the way it should be.
Family. Friends. Traditions.
I love it all.
I’ll admit it gets the best of me sometimes.
The pressure.
The search for the perfect gift.
But at the end of the day…
with the room covered in my perfectly wrapped and ripped open wrapping paper,
its all worth it.
Its not about the presents.
But the smiles and squeals we caught on tape as Lilah-Grace opened EVERY present like it was the first and last gift she’s ever gotten.
The way Macky crawled around oblivious to it all and in heaven just being able to rip through paper as she pleased.
Or Taegan as he was blown away that Santa knew EXACTLY what he wanted.
Thats what its about…
The Magic.
The magic of a Christmas Eve dinner with lifetime friends.
Watching our kids sit at the same counter that her and I spent so many hours sitting at.
Or my entire family circling around my aunts kitchen (and porch and den) to say prayers.
To pray for our family members that so desperately need our prayers.
Or all the girls in the family getting
THE Family cookbook.
Filled with secret family recipes that have been passed down and written in their own handwriting.
The day after Christmas is always just as magical and almost better than The Day itself.
Waking up and watching the kids rediscover all their presents.
Sitting around in your PJ’s and just being together.
People say all the time to cherish this time when your kids are little.
I do.
I really do.
Some days…
Like today as I sit here and write about one of our best Christmas’ yet, I desperately try and hold on to every memory of this past year.
Of the Magic.
On Christmas Eve riding home from dinner at 10 o’clock at night, Taegan screamed out that he
“Maybe… might have… seen Santa’s sleigh”
“REALLY?!?” I said.
“Well I did see little sprinkles of magic.”
Sprinkles of Magic.
Thats what they are…little sprinkles of magic.
The other night Lilah-Grace refused to go to bed and after a 3 HOUR stand-off we finally let her come down stairs.
We stood in our tiny kitchen at 9:30pm listening to our new kitchen CD player and watched her dance her little heart out.
Tears filled my eyes when my husband said, “One day we won’t have nights like this”.
How awful.
I live for nights like that.
For these little sprinkles of magic.




















Hope your Christmas was as magical as ours…