What I’ve Been Up To

I had wanted to do posts for each of these ideas, but in just the time that it has taken to upload these pictures I’ve pulled babies off the stairs, found passys, found blankies, picked up the special movie mix I made for the kids that the baby DUMPED out the second I gave it to them, pulled Lilah-Grace off of the baby gate that she can now scale in seconds, look at every bad guy in Despicable Me, cleaned up tiny Lego pieces, picked up a baby, put down a baby…
Should I go on?
Here they are all in one post.
Chalkboard Paint Craft Table
This table used to be super cute and cover in zebras but SOMEone took a purple sharpie to it!
Love how it turned out.


Found a bunch of old frames at the antique store.
Added white paint.


Used some here…


and here in my daughters room.


I had this idea for a while but wasn’t quite sure how I would make it work.
On my first trip to Hobby Lobby (IN LOVE) I came across those embroidery hoops and from there my idea took off.
Just added ribbon, twine and garland and now baby girl has my version of a crib mobile.





I love to use old frames w/o the glass.
Here I put McKinnley’s initial to go over here crib.


And here I used one to frame these old pointe shoes I won for 7 bucks on ebay.
For my little Ballerina!


She has a long wall and rather than cover it in frames I made a banner out of the fabric left over from her window treatments.


And to go at the end of her new big girl bed, this old wooden box I scored at the thrift store.
She uses it as a little step stool to climb into her bed and also to store her ever growing collections of shoes.


While out searching for my girls’ rooms I came across this old wooden oar and new my man would love it.
Tacked on his banner and it now sits proudly over his bed.


So there you have it.
That’s what I’ve been up to.
When I’m not doing the above mentioned.
I am now finishing this post while sitting in a cheap accent chair I just boutght with two little girls in my lap.
Gotta do whatcha gotta do.


Laura said…

I just love that table! It looks like you’ve been busy. Great job!

Laura said…

P.S. I love “home.” Thanks for playing it! I’m know jamming out in my living room.

Mrs. Inspired said…

I love Tae’s oar/flags combo! I might have to do that at the Rivah. Or the playroom….

How many coats of chalkboard paint do you usually do? I’m on my third for Punky’s door, and fourth for Boy’s room and want your input…since you use it everywhere!

Meg said…

I love it….I really should do that to my kids little table. They seem to draw everywhere but the paper! Your frames are wonderful, I love the oval one with the ballet slippers! Perfect.
I hope you can join my link party today! All participants are eligible to win #130 to CSN stores.com! alittleknickknack.blogspot.com
Have a wonderful day!

Rachel said…

love your sweet blog! such fun projects, such adorable children, so fun to stop by and visit!!

Rhonda said…

Love it all! I’m stopping by from Tatertots and Jello and love all of your creative decor ideas…

Modern Wivelyhood said…

Can I just say that I love everything about your blog?! I featured this post on my new blog here: http://modernwivelyhood.blogspot.com/2011/02/few-of-my-favorite-tutorials.html
I love the table and the rooms! There was so much inspiration in this post! Thanks for sharing!

Robin {keephomesimple} said…

LOVE the chalkboard painted table for your kiddos. I do a budget friendly idea post every weekend and I feautured this table this weekend. {Hope you don’t mind.}
You can find it posted here:
http://keephomesimple.blogspot.com/2011/02/budget-friendly-inspiration-week-2.htmlHave a great weekend!