Day 2: The Joy of Love

02 how they look
Capture your loved one at their best (or at their worst).  Or both.  What you’re trying to capture is the TRUE essence/expression/attitude/posture that SCREAMS your loved one!
So yesterday (yes I am going to be posted a day behind…its the best I can do) I needed to capture the
of my loved ones.
Something that “SCREAMS” them!
I knew exactly what I wanted to capture.
I wanted my picture, and at the time I didn’t know the exact shot, but I knew I wanted it to
The pure enjoyment from life’s littlest pleasures.
So with temps in the high 60’s we headed outside.
I knew I’d find them in their elements out there.
And this is what I came up with.
I sat down on our side walk to get on their level and purposely shot right into the sun b/c I love the look it gives off with the streams of light coming through.
They started jumping and I started snapping away.
I think this picture definitely captures the essence/expression/attitude/posture of my little loved ones.