Here’s To You…Five.

Happy Fifth Birthday to my Sweet Sweet Boy.
I cannot believe the day is here.
It has been the pleasure of my life.
I cried last night.
We looked at your baby book and talked about that night five years earlier.
It hurt my stomach to think that I would never hold that chubby little baby again.
And as I sat there with tears in my eyes I saw the sad in yours.
You have this unbelievable ability to empathize.
A movie can bring you to tears and a story can have you laughing for days.
I love that about you.
I also love that…
You have a soft spot for puppies, babies, and your sisters.
that you are kind and sweet and thoughtful.
And all BOY.
You have the coordination of an athlete and the understanding of every sport that is beyond your years.
You can shoot on a 10 foot hoop, dribble the length of a soccer field, and run a trick play for a touchdown.
You are loud and rough and silly and tough.
You love to be outside and explore.
And find treasure.
You love animals.
You are also very particular.
You don’t like your hair to stick up or you socks to feel funny.
You want the tags cut out of EVERY shirt and you wash your hands a lot.
But your imagination is unlike anything I’ve ever seen and you can turn most anything into a football game or a knight fight.
You can entertain yourself four hours with your dogs, but love to spend the day with your best friend.
You are my helping hand on long days at home and my alarm that lets me know when your sisters are in trouble.
People always say that time flies when your having fun.
To say that we’ve had fun with you would be an understatement.
You have been a true joy.
We have cherished every moment.
So here’s to you…
Our sweet five year old.
Happy Birthday and may your every wish come true.