I Need A Shower

Its only 8:52am.
Correction, 8:53.
I know that b/c my five year old has updated me every minute for the past 25 of them.
There is no school today so he gets to play his Wii.
After 9:00.
So for the past half hour he has sat feet away from the clock letting me know every time it changes.
I need a shower.
I need a nap.
And a maid and a cook while I’m making a list.
McKinnley has already been up and back down for her first nap.
If that gives you you any inclination to how long we’ve already been awake.
Its raining and windy and we’ve got no plans today.
I usually love mornings like this with no where to go and no reason to get dressed.
He just ran over and said…
“Actually I don’t want to play Wii now…JUST KIDDING!”
Good Lord he is just like his father.
You know the morning is off to a bad start when all three kids are in your bed by 6:30 AM and all have had at least one temper tantrum.
I knew before my feet even hit the floor that it was going to be a long morning.
I need to rally.
I really need a shower first.
Have I mentioned that yet?
And some more coffee.
The kids have already asked for candy, cookies, and bubblegum.
Then they seem genuinely disturbed when I say no.
I’ve fixed them all seconds of breakfast and bottles and juice.
I’ve taken the two year old to the potty to do, well #2, twice, and cleaned a #2 diaper.
I’ve cleaned up a spilled bowl of cereal and crumpled up piece of toast trail that McKinnley left through the entire downstairs.
Do you feel sorry for me yet?
Well don’t pity me too much.
I guess I’m just paying my dues before I skip town tomorrow and leave the little boogers behind.
And as much as I am longing for ~9:17~ tomorrow morning…
I know the second we pull out of the drive I’ll be missing their morning messes and bed heads.
I’ll miss those few minutes that they are snuggled in our bed and actually quiet.
I’ll miss sitting here drinking my coffee, typing about my morning, while being serenaded by LG’s versions of ABC’s and Amazing Grace.
So this morning, I guess I’m just going to have to suck it up.
Lilah-Grace just fell face first off of the couch and is now sitting in my lap as I try and finish this.
So I’ll wrap it up.
And rally.
And possibly shower.


table4five09 said…

I feel your pain! But your blog posts seriously make me laugh as I try to picture all of this happening. I’m pretty sure I was right when I said three kids at three different ages is harder than three kids at the same age. Hope you enjoy your kid/husband free weekend! You deserve it…