Its been a while…
But I’m back.
We started this past week off with a blank calendar.
But as soon as the school bell rang on Monday morning we were off and running and haven’t slowed down since.
My precious boy had his very last preschool performance on Thursday.
Sniff. Sniff.
Actually I wasn’t as sad as I was nervous.
As in pee in my pants, bite my nails, anxiety chest pains kinda nervous.
My sweet boy, although if you were sitting in my living room right now you never would suspect it, is a tad shy.
We’ve been working on speaking up when spoken to and saying Yes Ma’am and Yes Sirs.
But school performances are a whole other ball game.
Exhibit A: Fall Performance


And this was before it got ugly.
Lets just say he cried.
A Lot.
But it was okay.
I was still so proud.
This Thursday…
It was me who was crying.
My sweet, kind, funny, silly, particular little man faced his fear.
He got up on that stage and sang his little heart out.
He sang every word.
Knew every move.
I smiled so big and for so long that my face was for real sore later that day.
The only one who might have been more proud…
was him.
He is growing up right before our eyes and I sometimes have to pinch myself.
He has the biggest heart and smile.
His eyelashes make the girls envy and I love how they look like the reach his freckles on his nose.
He can do math in his head and is starting to read books.
He has best friends and buddies and I’ve even heard a rumor or two about a girlfriend.
He is my first born and he and I will always have this connection that I can’t quite put into words.
I can also not quite put into words how I felt on Thursday.
I’ll just show you.