Is The Tide Gonna Reach My Chair?

Start Spreading the News…
We are back from NYC.
We woke up in the city that never sleeps.
We walked the streets.
Saw the plays.
Watched the Yanks.
It was a full trip.
The kids were awesome.
They endured a 6+ hour train ride up.
(With it almost tragically leaving us in DC)
Rode taxis and subways.
Stayed in the heart of Times Square.
Played in Central Park.
Visited The Plaza, FAO Schwartz and The Bronx Zoo.
Watched the Yankees beat the Rockies from 3 rows back and Simba reign in The Lion King.
Sounds like we were there for a month right?
3 days.
To say that it was fun would be an understatement.
To say that is was stressful would also be and understatement.
My “Little Town Blues” never did quite melt away.
And more than ever I missed my quiet neighborhood, our backyard, and my own car.
And my Macky Boo.
(she sat this trip out)
I honestly do not know how parents of young kids do it in the big city.
Trying to navigate two little kids down the crowded streets of Broadway and get a stroller through the gates of the subway was enough to give me a heart attack.
I love to visit New York.
But I wouldn’t wanna live there.
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Its strange because before kids I would have moved there in a heart beat.
I always thought I could have thrived there.
I thought I could have gone and thrived anywhere.
the more kids I have (or the older I get) the closer I feel to my roots.
The more I crave the simpleness of life.
The outdoors and the fresh air.
The friendly neighborhood and private schools for my kids.
The space.
The room to breath.
I couldn’t help but feel a little like my dad as I got exasperated by all the people and kept trying to order sweet tea from the restaurants.
I guess I’m not a city girl.
Which is fine by me.
Because we leave for the beach here in a few days.
And one thing I know for sure….
Is that I
a beach girl.
“Wishin’ I was
Knee deep in the water somewhere
got the blue sky, breeze and it don’t seem fair
the only worry in the world
is the tide gonna reach my chair
Sunrise, there’s a fire in the sky
never been so happy
never felt so high
and I think I might have found me my own kind of paradise”