Meet Rivers

Meet Rivers.

The newest member of the Logan family and Taegans final shot at a brother.

Rivers is a three month old Springer Spaniel from Luray, Va that we fell in love with about a month ago.
Let me take you back about a month ago to the day we went to pick him up.
My truck was packed for 3 weeks at the river with 3 kids and a brand new puppy.
The plan was to pick up the little guy and head straight to the river for the rest of our renovation.
I’m not really sure exactly what was going through my head, but I had convinced myself that this would be a breeze.
It was not.
A breeze that is.
For some reason Luray, Va sounded a lot closer than it actually is.
It also did not sound like it would be in the middle of the mountains.
But it is.
In the middle of the mountains.
Imagine that.
So picture me winding down the back roads of Virginia, in the largest SUV that has ever been made, with 3 kids 5 and under who have to pee every 20 minutes and WITH OUT a DVD player that conveniently broke the morning of the trip.
a breeze it was not.
We were literally driving up and over mountains then winding back down them when we finally reached  the farm to pick him up.
Things went smoothly with the pick up, but from there quickly headed downhill.
Literally and Figuratively.
Combine pee stops for kids AND a puppy and you’ll find yourself stopping every hundred yards.
All of the stop and go and up and down finally got to Taegan and he yelled from the back of the car that he wasn’t sick… but he was defiently going to throw up.
I pulled over on the side of the road for a few minutes while he dry heaved into the ditch and every shirtless toothless man slowed down to watch .
We pulled into the next gas station to get drinks and let everyone walk it out, when
a car pulls in beside us and a man, with out a shirt of course, and a women with enough tattoos to resemble a shirt, step out.
Lilah-Grace yells out…
“Hey mom is this the pool?!”
When I told her no and to “shh” she said…
“But mom that guy looks like he’s going to the pool”
I should have known then that is wasn’t going to end pretty.
After a stressful visit inside the store, we walk out to the car and as I’m trying to keep track of the puppy and Macky I realize Lilah-Grace is out of my eye sight.
I run around the car to find her with her underwear down around her ankles, her dress up to her neck, and her bare bottom facing the full parking lot and busy road.
Well she’s peeing if you couldn’t guess, and all over her underpants to boot.
I may or may not have sped the rest of the way home and we most certainly pushed back our drive to the river until the next morning.
All that said…
In the middle of all the craziness, as it usually happens, a sweet moment presented itself.
Both girls had quieted down and the dog was taking a cat nap when Taegan broke the silence with this…
“Mom, is this real life that we have a dog or is it a dream?”
And there you have it.
Every bit of that day was worth the 15 seconds of pure enchantment that I saw in my 5 year olds eyes as he stared down at his new best friend.
Crazy days have followed.
I’ve cleaned up more pee and poop that I care to talk about.
But its in the little moments like those when we are walking the dog and deep in conversation and I find out he knows a ridiculous amount about bats and owls.
Or when Macky get so much pride from pouring the dog food in the bowl.
Or when Lilah-Grace begs to let the dog out of the cage to play even though all she does is run away from him.
Its those little moments that lets me know that I’m doing okay.
Its in those moments that let me know that this is real life.
And that I am living the dream.