We are struggling.
Maybe its all the rain?
Maybe bedtimes need to be moved up?
Maybe we need to get up earlier?
What ever it is…
somethings gotta give.
I knew kindergarten would be an adjustment.
An adjustment for the whole family.
I would need to adjust to sending off my little boy out into the world everyday.
My husband would need to adjust his schedule to be able to take him him the morning.
The girls would need to adjust their naps for pick up.
And Taegan,
sweet Taegan,
 would need to adjust completely.
Longer days.
Earlier mornings.
New friends, and new teachers, and a new school.
I knew he would take some time.
He always does.
He is very smart.
Very observant.
A perfectionist even.
And change is not his strong suit.
He is having a hard time in the mornings.
Waking him up before 7 is hard.
Getting him down stairs is hard.
Picking out breakfast and getting on his uniform is hard.
And even harder is sending him out the door in tears while he’s telling me…
“He’ll miss me too much”.
Just stick a knife in my heart right now why don’t ya?
The thing is…
I AGREE with him!
I DON’T want to send him to school.
The days ARE too long and I DO miss him too much.
I would love nothing more than to snuggle up with him on this rainy morning and stay in our PJ’s until noon.
“It’s not fair”~ to quote him.
Its not.
But thats life.
And its what happens when you grow up.
And as hard as I’ve tried I have still not found a way to stop them from growing up.
 He is in an amazing school, with amazing teachers, and amazing friends.
And maybe, just maybe, its ME who needs the most adjusting.
Maybe its me who needs to come to terms with the fact that a chapter has ended.
The first of many.
But there is no reason that this new one can’t be as good.
I’ll be a room mom and I’ll drive on field trips and I’ll volunteer for the lunch room.
We just need to adjust.
We just need to rally.
And rally we will.