A Full Heart

I Heart Instagram.
I heart my camera.
 Even though since getting it back from the thugs who stole it, it hasn’t worked and I’m kinda freaking out and kinda going through withdrawal and kinda want to throw it against the wall.
My girl hearts herself some pumpkin pie.




I heart baby Toms.


I heart my baby girl even though she constantly puts on my makeup.


I heart that my aunt and uncle got married when they were 18, raised four awesome boys, and celebrated 30 years together this past week.


I don’t heart the fact that this little one climbs onto everything…but I do heart her face once she get to the top.


I really heart Hunter boots.
But I heart them even more on this little one.


I do not heart the fact that I constantly forget about my breakfast.


I do heart this.
A lot.


I heart picking up my girls from school and watching the run and squeal down the halls.


I heart nature walks.
I heart how my kids love to match and explore.
I heart how they are so curious about leaves and rocks and acorns.
I heart that after a bad morning and an afternoon of feeling like crap…
I can pull myself together and take my kids for a walk around our neighborhood and end the day like this….
With a full Heart.