One Long Shower

I spend half of my life searching for lost passys.
We are talking hours and hours I must spend a week crawling on my knees, digging through the playroom and looking under car seats to find these little boogers.
McKinnley takes the rubber kind, like you get when your in the hospital.
These are the worst of all of them.
These suckers take some pretty nasty bounces when they hit the floor.
There is no telling what direction they’ll go and it makes finding them virtually hopeless.
I know we must own at least 25 pacifiers between the two girls and at this moment I can only find one.
~ Yeah that’s right my 3 year old still takes a passy.
But ya know what?
She naps.
And that’s all I gotta say about that~
That is 24 passys that are somewhere in this house and I cannot for the life of me locate one.
You know what else I spend my time looking for?
Sippy cup lids.
Now when you buy sippy cups they come with the lids and those ridiculous rubber stoppers that you also have to locate, put in, take out, and wash separately.
(I’m sure a man invented that one.)
So for every cup…
I should have a lid and a stopper.
But I don’t.
Where are they?
And another thing…
The ‘Other Sock’.
I have a basket overflowing with…
The ‘Other Sock’.
Yet none match the sock that I am ever looking for!
So when I’m not crawling on my knees looking for passies, or searching through drawers and cabinets for sippy cup lids and stoppers, or going through a mountain of mismatched socks…
You know what I’m doing?
If you read my last post ya do.
Chasing after my dog!!
~Husband: we still need a fence!!~
Well this morning after I woke up, fed, changed, packed, loaded, and dropped of all three kids at school…
I didn’t crawl or search or look for a single thing.
I missed a few calls from Logan and when he finally got me he asked what I had been doing.
I showered.
“That was one long shower”, he said.
Your damn right it was.
Happy Thursday Morning!