Happy Twenty Twelve.
It is sure to be a good one.
Lots to celebrate.
Lots to be thankful for.
Last year was the first year that I heard about choosing a
for the New Year.
I like that idea better than choosing a resolution.
Although last year I thought and thought for months and months about the perfect
for 2011…
And I choked.
 Here we are January of 2012 and I never did quite narrow it down.
To alleviate some pressure and anxiety and inevitably giving up on the challenge…
This year I’ll make a list of *WordS* for 2012.
Words that sum up the things that I want to be and focus on in this new year.
* Present *
* Grateful *
* Simple *
* Conscious *
* Contentment *
* Centered *
* Play *
So there you have it.
That’s what I’ll be workin on for the next twelve months or so.
That and these dang New Years cards that I have yet to send out.
They are New Years cards bc I missed the window for Christmas cards and at this rate I should just be sending out Presidents Day cards b/c that is probably when I’ll get around to them.

All the kids were back in school today and I swear I heard angels singing Hallelujah as I walked out of the preschool doors sans kids.
Today was good.
And so are these…


{ L } said…

Wow, these photos are so beautiful! And your words for 2012 are just lovely. I picked “present” for mine. 😉