I Don’t Collect Spoons

I am not a collector.
I don’t collect spoons or butterflies or teacups.
I’m not a hoarder either.
Cards, papers, clothes….gone.
There are a few things out there that call my name as I walk by in a store.
Especially when I’m in my FAVORITE store!
And I am rarely able to resist.
1. Coffee Mugs
I’m a sucker for a good coffee mug.

2. Tumblers
Its just more fun to drink water out of something this cute.

3. Southern Sayings
I’m obsessed.
This is my newest one.
A birthday gift to myself.
4. Anything navy and nautical.
Another birthday gift…to myself.
5. Hydrangeas
These make me smile.
Sorry for the crappy pictures.
They are from my phone.
I can’t stand the site of my camera right now.
We just finished our Little Birds shoot and have been up to our eyeballs in photo’s edits and orders.
I needed a break from my good ol’ D90.
The photo shoot went AMAZING.
The orders are rolling in and now I am taking a few days off.
As “off” as you can be when you have a 2, 3, and 6 year old.
Oh yeah…
That’s right I said 6.
Since my last post my precious little boy went and turned 6 on me.
I begged him not to.
He even considered it for a minute.
But ultimately the promise of a Rock Climbing party and gifts won him over.
And I’m left with a SIX year old.
I just can’t believe it.
I’m not old enough to have a SIX year old!?!?
Tomorrow I will be.
Tomorrow, 5 days after we celebrated my little man, we’ll celebrate me.
Turning 28.
At least its not 30.
Like my MUCH older husband.
So for now I’ll enjoy my last hours as a 27 year old sipping tea out of my new mug, deck out in my new bracelet and enjoying my 6 year old.
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