I Got This

So we are on spring break this week and while my kids play school in their pajamas I am getting some time to play catch up…
Warm weather (excluding yesterday) is here for the most part and we’ve been spending most of the hours of our day out here.




And when are days are mostly spent outside our nights are spent getting cleaned up.
and bathtime.


A few weeks back Taegan had Grandparents Day at school.





And the following week Lilah-Grace had her spring show.
My Little Yellow Duck.





We’ve had visits with Ella Bella.


We’ve walked to baseball games.


We skyped with our cousin Ben in Thailand.



And we’ve said goodbye to passies…





Well…we tried too.
Guess it wasn’t meant to be.


I’m kinda sorta feeling a little bit like I might be in a groove.
We’ve got ballet and soccer, but I’m still finding time to run.
We have school functions and commitments, but are still finding time to have playdates with friends.
Whether you have one or four children life is always crazy.
Some days more so than others.
For now I’m getting caught up on my laundry, my house is semi-clean, and I’m feeling like…
I got this.


Liz said…

I love your blog, I am finally finding the time to read all my favourites and start blogging more regularly myself after having baby number 4! I’m finally getting my groove back!
And you are right, life is always busy, but you make it look gorgeous! Your family is beautiful