Just Call Me June…

Sometimes, if all the stars align, and all three kids are content…and quiet…
I actually enjoy doing house work.
The instant gratification of sweeping the floors.
The clinking of the glasses as the are put neatly in their spots in the cabinet.
Going from room to room and picking up some one’s favorite doll or tea cups.
The hum as the dryer starts and the smell of the Fresh Linen scented Bounce dryer sheets.
I actually don’t mind washing dishes in my beloved farmers sink if I can look out onto my kids quietly eating at the table or digging for worms in the backyard.
My iphone sits in its spot on our Boise speaker with my Indie Singer/Songwriter station serenading me while I work.
It makes me want to put an apron on and bake something!
It’s those little moments that I am so grateful I am able to be home with my kids.
It’s those late afternoons that we sit outside and eat Popsicles.
Or the quiet mornings when the girls are playing “babies”and I’m folding laundry.
It’s the clicking sound of my footsteps in a quiet house as I go from room to room making beds and picking up dirty socks.
It’s a smile as I hang up Lilah-Graces Cinderella costume, from a few Halloweens ago, that she insists I hang in her closet as she considers it her fanciest dress.
It’s finding rocks and leaves in Taegan’s pockets and wondering what his little imagination was thinking up when he stuffed them in there.
Or going into McKinnley’s room and finding baby clothes and shoes scattered all of the floor and knowing that she was trying to shove her feet in them trying so desperately to be a little baby again.
How is this all going by so fast?
How is it that I don’t technically have a crib in my house?
(McKinnley’s is one of the 3-in-1 cribs that turns into a bunk┬ábeds for toddles)
How is it that I now have to shop on in the “Big Boy” side at Target?
How is it that Lilah-Grace doesn’t need my help to put on her shoes?
She even is starting to get them on the right foot for goodness sakes!
I’m not sure if I am finally finding that doing a load or two of laundry a day rather than procrastinating until the laundry pile almost reaches the ceiling is making a difference?
Maybe it’s that it has just taken me six full years to settle into my role as a stay-at-home mom?
Whatever it is, I’m sure it won’t last forever.
I’m sure I’ll fall behind on dishes and laundry and sweeping the floors.
But I’m gonna go ahead and give myself some credit for my clean floors damn it!
And I am going to be sure to remember the little quiet moments, like Lilah-Grace playing school with imaginary friends.
Or McKinnley as she sings “Happy Birthday” to her babies for the 23rd time.
Or Taegan’s steady dribble of his basketball as he shoots hoops every day after school.
Because these are the days.
Just call me June Cleaver baby.