My Cups Runnneth Over

Yesterday I did a rare thing.
I did something for me.
The kids were split up and sent off and I was one my own for the day.
Well, for half of the day.
We woke up to the pounding rain and a Macky Boo with a fever of 102.


I was supposed to be off and out the door early to be enjoying the Historic Garden Tour in our town.
I had never been before and this year the homes on the tour were right near my house and on a route I drive everyday.
The thought of being able to go into these house that I secretly stalk on my way to drop off and pick up my son from school was like a dream.
A dream that seemed to be coming to an end when McKinnley woke up burning and cranky and in no shape to go to school.
But, as did the weather, she turned a corner.
With a little help from some Baby Tylenol and some snuggles, by noon she was back to spunky self and I wasted no time shipping her out.
For the rest of the afternoon my grandmother and I lunched at the Country Club and were shuttled from gorgeous home to even more gorgeous home soaking in the amazing decorating and breathtaking gardens.
I was by far the youngest person on the tour but it didn’t bother me one bit.
I was in heaven.
After we saw the last of the houses I headed to home.
To an empty home.
Albeit, a messy empty home, but empty non the less.
I actually laid on the couch for an uninterrupted 30 minutes listening to the creaks of the house and the baby birds that have made their home in our wreath.
I rallied and got dressed and went to pick up a friend for a fashion show that was held at one of my favorite stores.
I got invited b/c I am in there so often, a little embarrassing, but the owner is this free-spirited spunky lady who I am so glad to know.
We walked into the wonderland filled with wine and hors d’oeuvres and watched this fashion show of Magnolia Pearl and So Sew Eco that made you feel as if you were transported back into the 20’s with their line of ruffle bloomers.
It also felt like you were in this fairytale as the models skipped and twirled and danced down the runway.
It was like a dream.

I left feeling so full and inspired.
I came home, again to an empty house, and jammed out to some John Mayer, his live version of Free Falling.
If you’ve never heard that version you are missing out.
I cleaned and danced in my kitchen and sipped on another glass of wine and then floated to my cheap bunk beds.
My literal wine cup had been full all night and now my figurative cup, the one deep in my soul, had been filled to the top too.
By almost midnight I was tucked in my bed and missing my family like crazy.
And my cups runneth over.