Southern Nest…Bless Your Heart

This is so long over due I’m almost embarrassed to do this post.
Ya’ll have got to see this.
It has taken me so long because the possibilities are endless.
So I have this girlfriend.
Not just any girlfriend, but one of my best.
Isn’t she beautiful?
We clicked instantly and no matter how many miles are between us we pick up where we left off every time.
So, my awesome girlfriend has this awesome blog and website selling these
AWESOME Monograms (and pet products, like this outdoor cat house)
Are you dying!?!
Ya’ll know how I love my monograms.
The girls have them on just about half of their clothes so when I saw them I begged and pleaded for one.
She was so great and got it to me and now I’m here to tell you how in love I am.
I’ve moved it all over my house,
but for now it adorns a wreath on my front door and brings a smile to my face every time I pull in or out of my drive way.



(check out the nest full of babies birds!)




Not to mention it makes me think about my sweet friend and her big smile!
Any one who visits asks about it and I’ve had runners stop mid-run to ask me where I got it.
They are a prefect the wedding gift, for lets say a sister who is getting married this September.
She has smaller sizes too that you can use as present toppers, shower decorations, or baby gifts.
I could go on.
Her sweet blog is called Charming Little Nest and is full of great decorating ideas, and my personal favorite, pictures of her dangerously handsome little boy.
Her company and website where she sells her sweet monograms is appropriately called
Southern Nest.
As she so perfectly says these monograms are, “A little vintage, a little preppy. Nothing is sweeter than the Southern lifestyle. Bring the South into your home.”
She’s got a quote on her site from Reese Whitherspoon, the quintessential Southern Belle, and which I thought was too cute…
Reese says, (yes we are on a first name basis, me and Reese) “If it’s not moving, monogram it!”
So run, or click, over to Charming Little Nest and Southern Nest and order yours now…
Bless Your Heart.


A Wedding Story said…

LOVE!!!! I’m going now to check it out and a huge thank you for posting!

Dixie Delights said…

I LOOOOVE this monogram! Love your blog too…I’m your newest follower 🙂