Sweet Summer NIghts…

My kids do not want for anything.
They have seven great-grandparents, four sets of grandparents, two aunts, four uncles…
and a partridge in a pear tree.
They get gifts constantly and around Christmas or birthdays our house looks like a Toys R Us store.
That being said…
I smile at the fact that it is the simple toys that they love.
Wooden blocks.
Markers and crayons.
The swing set.
And now we’ve added a sand box to our list.
And a glass of wine for Mama.
Of course.
We’ve had this oldie-but-goody since Taegan’s first birthday, and since Macky has developed a deep love for dirt, decided to break it out for the summer.
The three of them squeezed into this thing for almost an hour last night while I rocked on the patio.
It was a Sweet Summer Night indeed.