Potty Talk

I have many of my great ideas and thoughts in the shower.
It is there where I can process my day, think through my problems, and come up with genius schemes.
My girls, however, have their great thoughts and ideas come to them in a little bit of a different spot.
The Pot.
That’s right…
 I have had some great conversations with them in the past few days while we are stationed in some public restroom or another waiting for them to do their business.
Last night while we were out to dinner Macky visited the restroom a cool three times during our 45minute meal.
While I was squatting in the women’s room for the second time in 10 minutes Macky and I had a deep conversation.
“Mommy…yous a gir?”
“Yes baby I’m a girl”
“Is Daddy a gir?”
“No baby, Daddy is a boy.”
“Am I’s a boy?”
“No baby, you are a girl.”
“My poopy is weally hinky”
“Yes baby…it is…”
And the other day while we were home and Lilah-Grace was taking care of her business, I was brushing my hair in the mirror and she said to me….
“I can’t wait to be a Mommy”
“You are going to be a great Mommy one day”
“Can I be a Mommy tomorrow?”
“No baby, not tomorrow, but when you get older.”
“Yeah…like when I’m 16?”
“No sweetie not 16, older, like Mommy”
“Well how old are you?”
“Wow. That’s old.”
“Alright….Are you done yet?!”
Potty Talk