I’ve been really slacking lately on these posts.
Its all I can do to keep one kid healthy since the cold weather blew in.
But we are making it.
And we’re still here.
So until I can find some time and my sanity here’s what we’ve been doing according to my iphone…
(in no particular order)
Our cousin Ella Bella was in town and we spent Election Tuesday at Barnes & Noble!
(after voting of course)
I did manage to sneak away for a few hours to meet some best buddies for a much needed drink!
(or two)
If memory serves me right this was the night before Halloween. Let’s check childĀ pack and play reviews!
Again…we are struggling a bit here.
This was one of the sweetest things and I’ll have to do an entire post on it one day, but LG came to me with a letter to God that she wanted to send up via balloon,
Tiny Macky “helping” with the laundry.
This is ONE of Taegan’s many drawings of his dog Rivers.
The boys got skillz.
I’m doing something super special with this right here.
Can’t wait for Christmas!
I did have one day last week where all three were in school for a few hours.
Instead of do the loads of laundry or piles of dirty dishes I decided to head to my favorite place.
I walk around here and find peace.
Ella Bella and LG.
Bat Girls.
We were prepared for Hurricane Sandy.
Pipa and Ry showed up at our door as Mr. & Mrs. Waldo.
Super cute.
My Owl, Army Guy, and Super Girl were pretty cute too!
Sick Day #3.
Crazy what they will come up with they’ve been stuck inside for days and banned from the TV.
Deep sea diving saving endangered animals.
Finally took this dude to the Doc.
What do you know!?!
He gave it to Baby Sis!
A sick kid = A snuggly kid…
Day One of Hurricane Sandy…
Doorway Puppet Theatre!
I knew I was about to be stuck inside for days due to the storm so I decided to pound the pavement.
Our “I Am Thankful For…” note that we put into LG’s Lettter To God.
“No People Allowed”
Halloween Day @ school.
Super Girl!
You can thank Boardwalk Empire for this purchase…
Ironically the last photo in the bunch….
I’m about to fill up my glass.