Hold The Door

I haven’t blogged in quite a while…
But I had to write this down.
Today I was at the mall and ran ahead to open and hold the door for an elderly couple.
To be honest, my first reaction was to go through the other doors so I wouldn’t get stuck waiting for them to pass through.
~Reeeeal nice Whitney~
But as I got closer, I realized they were both very old and both using walkers so I sped up to help them out.
The sweet older lady came through first with her hair perfectly curled, dressed in her festive Christmas sweater and her white gloves!
Like not white gloves that you wear because its cold.
I’m talkin white gloves like my mom used to force me to wear to cotillion, white gloves.
Her husband followed and as they passed by the lady looked back at me astonished that I would be holding the door for them.
“God bless you sweet girl”, she kept saying.
For holding the door?
I have had a handful of these ~ What Is The World Coming To ~ moments lately.
How could someone be so surprised by a tiny gesture like holding the door.
They had to have been pushing ninety.
In my book they have earned the right to have every door held for them for the rest of their lives.
This is just a reminder for myself, and my children.
Go out of your way and do something nice for somebody, no matter how small,
Every. Single. Day.
And always ALWAYS always
 ~Hold The Door~.