It Comes Down To…


“It comes down to whether you believe in seven miraculous escapes a week;
One guardian angel.”
~ Robert Brault
This quote has been on my mind lately as the holidays come around and my thoughts drift to my very own guardian angels.
I have two, in particular, who are constantly on my mind and in my heart and this time of year I can feel their presence more than ever.
Some people cringe at the talk of spirits or “guardian angels”…
I cringe at the notion that there aren’t any.
I have their things and pictures around my house and they always seem to grab my attention or draw on a memory when it is needed the most.
My Uncle Meatball’s wine glasses sparked a memory of his annual Christmas Party and now we are scheduled to have friends over for a holiday party of our own.
A gift from my Aunt Anne made me think of her and how when McKinnley was born this time three years ago, it was to her that I was praying.
Asking her to keep my daughter safe and healthy, and she did.
My thoughts are a little heavy this week as I am trying to find words to comfort a dear friend who lost her father.
As I am preparing to go to the funeral and be a shoulder that she can lean on.
So I find myself here, thinking of my very own losses…
my very own guardian angels.
Praying to them once again.
And maybe toasting a glass of wine or two!