One Thing At A Time People

This post has been a long time coming.
Every time I see that damn Sprint commercial I write and rewrite this post in my mind.
And then like most things, I’m distracted by an orange juice spill or text from a girlfriend and my brilliant post has long been forgotten.
Today, I’ve been reminded a few times about what bothers me so much about the for mentioned commercial.
It’s the one where a man is sitting at a table with a bunch of preschoolers and asks them what is better…
“Doing two things at once or one thing at a time?”
The kids answer immediately, “TWO!! Definitely two!”
And I cringe.
This is an argument that I have with my kids, and more often my husband, on a daily basis.
Since when has it become better to give a bunch of things a little bit of your attention, rather than one thing your undivided attention?
Why is it necessary to sit in front of your 500 channels while searching the web and texting?
Why do you need to be trying to beat your best Fifa score and talking to someone on the phone?
Isn’t the point of calling to talk to someone or even sitting down to enjoy your favorite show to, for those few minutes, give that one person or one thing all of your attention?
Isn’t the point of doing anything to give it your thought and attention?
How personal is a phone call when you know the person on the other line is engaged in five other things?
How enjoyable is your favorite sitcom when you miss half of b/c you are constantly checking your incoming emails?
What is the point of sitting down and having a meal with someone if for the whole time the two of you are tapping away at your screens?
Doesn’t that just defeat the whole purpose?
I mean, just go eat by yourself for goodness sakes!
To the man in the Sprint commercial…
One thing at a time.
The answer is one thing at a FREAKING time!
Giving your personal and heartfelt and full attention to whoever or whatever you are doing is always better.
Its not always practical.
But its better.
And its not always easy.
But its better.
I’ve been known to pull up Pinterest while waiting at a red light or check Facebook while the TV is on.
I’m guilty of trying to carry on two conversations at once and running to my phone when I hear a text come through.
Then I am reminded of those sad little kids in that commercial and that doing more, having more, saying more is not always better.
One thing at a time people.