Get It Together March

Alright March.
You need to go ahead and pull yourself together already.
You need to start acting like the month in which the first day of Spring is celebrated and take all of these clouds and snow and shove ’em!
We have had about enough.
It is time to pack away our socks and boots and pull out of flip flops for crying out loud!
It is time to open up our windows and let your breeze clear out all of the viruses and bacterial infections already!
We are tired of looking for the missing glove and dealing with snow coats and boots.
We are tired of Disney Channel reruns and two-hour delays!
Our kids need to go outside…
Where kids belong.
Our legs need a tan.
Our wardrobes need an update.
Our weekends need to be filled with fresh air!
We do not want to be searching for Easter eggs in our winter coats.
Or spend our Spring Break stuck inside.
Our homes are seeming smaller by the minute.
And our patience growing even smaller.
We’ve done our time.
We’ve made enough fires and hot chocolate for one winter.
We’ve put in our share of snow days and movie days and pajama days.
Enough is Enough.
Get it together March.