Blue Jay

So after I declared that I am getting back to the heart of my writing I started to get excited.
Ideas for post started swirling.
Only a few hours after I wrote the post, For Me, I have found myself in my house…
By. My. Self.
A rarity.
The kids went to run errands with Logan and since they walked out of the door I haven’t stopped cleaning.
First the playroom, then the den, then their rooms.
Each of these tasks has sent me by the kitchen windows a least a couple of dozen times, and like the last few morning I keep noticing a pair of beautiful bright blue jays.
Sometime they are sitting together on the fence.
Other times they are pecking in the grass, but always together.
Before I met one of my dearest friends, I would not have thought twice about these sightings.
But through her I have learned to look a little deeper into meanings of things and I got curious.
I looked up the meaning of these ‘Blue Jay Sightings’ and my jaw just about dropped open!

Here is where I got my info:

Blue Jay Meanings

“Like the crow, magpie and raven, blue jays are talkative creatures utilizing a wide range of vocalizations to express their opinions. Indeed, their speech abilities are so advanced, that they are able to mimic other birds and even humans.Likewise, those with the blue jay as their totem are quite loquaciousness, and have the gift of gab.”

**Coincidence that I have just come to the conclusion to start my writing/gab again???**

“The jay is fearless when it comes to protecting its partner, young and territory.
They also keep the same mate for life, which is symbolic of endurance, patience and loyalty. The jay is an excellent symbol for those wishing to honor their long-lasting bond between friends, family and lovers.
Those who resonate with the blue jay will also find themselves equally curious.
Indeed, blue jay people have are always dabbling in new directions, gathering new insight, and slaking their curiosities.
These people tend to be a jack-of-all trades, knowing a little bit about seemingly everything. This makes them fantastic trouble-shooters and quite resourceful (not to mention fascinating party guests).”

The universe is always speaking to us… sending us little messages, causing coincidences and serendipities, reminding us to stop, to look around, to believe in something else, something more.
Nancy Thayer