For Me

Its been a while.
I’m not sure what has kept me away so long.
Every time I get the urge to write a post or story or something, I freeze.
I don’t have ANYTHING to write about!
Well…that couldn’t be further from the truth.
My mind rarely shuts off and my thoughts are always spinning and turning.
Surely within my crazy full life with my three kids (and a fourth on the way!), my husband, friends, etc… you’d think I could come up with a post or two.
I want to write.
I think I am a better person when I do…but something has been holding me back.
Maybe its writers block?
Or a less professional version.
I know I could write about the insignificant things that happen in my day to day life, but for some reason that doesn’t seem like enough.
Sometimes I feel like I get so far behind in recording our family milestones that it would just be easier to scrap the whole blog all together.
Then, after nights like last night…
And a sweet talk with a neighbor…
The fire is lit again.
This blog is not for anyone else.
I am so humbled and flattered whenever anyone mentions that they read it or even better LIKE it!
But, its not for them.
Its for me.
I don’t need to stick to any schedule or routine here.
I don’t have to post about one thing or another if I don’t want to.
I think I forgot that.
This space started as a place for me to come and ramble about anything and everything.
Back then my husband and mom were my only followers.
I think I need to get back there.
When writing was fun and not a commitment.
My life is so full of commitments and schedules that I can’t help but feel like I am falling short to fulfill.
That’s what this blog started to feel like.
Like something else I wasn’t able to keep up with.
I’d like to start again.
I’d like to get back to the basics and the fun that writing used to be.
For me.
And maybe post a couple of cute pics of the kiddos, when they’re feeding a boy bunny – a new member in our family. He also has own house, an indoor & outdoor rabbit hutch, which looks like a villas of pet.