High and Low

We’ve had some pretty high highs and some pretty low lows around here lately.
As for the lows…
we will get through it.
As anyone does.
As for the highs…
Well, for one, this little princess graduated from preschool.
This milestone, while a high for my little girl, felt more like a low for me.
I cried the entire time.
Thanks alot hormones.
I can not believe she is old enough to be going to kindergarten this fall.
And as much as it breaks my heart I am so so proud of the little lady she is becoming.
In between Mother’s Day and school ceremonies summer has been trying to show its face.
We hosted our first cook out with friends and family and it felt so good to have the house filled with people and food and laughter.
And with the warm weather brings our nightly backyard baseball games.
We’ve had to switch to using soft balls because Taegan’s swing has gotten so hard that our neighbors are starting to fear for their lives.




Me. By Lilah-Grace Age 4





Graduation Night







Excuse my puffy eyes. I had just stopped crying!







Right in the middle of all that’s been going on we had a very big day.
We took all the kids to the doctors with us for the big 20 week appointment.
They got to see their baby on the ultra sound and were in awe of its little hands and feet and face.
We had the technician write the gender in a card and had her staple it shut.
We had the secret info relayed to our family friend who was on call at Party City with a handmade box and filled it with balloons.
That evening we had our family and friends over for the big reveal… >> Also check the best folding picnic table bench reviews at my friend’s blog. 



Special thanks to Cindy Conte!







Taegan was a tad disappointed, but made a quick recovery and he was pointed out that being the only boy had its perks.



My sister is expecting a baby boy on October 1st and our little girl is due October 10th.


It should be a race to the finish line!





The girls are officially out of school and we’ve been spending a lot of time in the sprinklers waiting for the pool to open.

T-minus 6 days until Taegan is out of school and our summer officially starts.