That’s All That Matters

It’s crazy the way life happens.
How it unfolds with you right in the middle of it.
Some of life is so bright and beautiful that it seems too good to be real.
Some of it seems so unreal for different reasons.
I try to be optimistic.
To look for the silver linings.
To look for the good.
And if there is something that I have found to be true in my long 29 years of life, it is that there is always,
something to be grateful for.
It is hard to see that from rock bottom.
And when anyone is going through a hard time, I just pray that they are able to see the good around them.
That they are able to be grateful for what they have.
That they are really able to feel gratefulness deep in their soul.
There is a peace in that.
I’m sitting here typing with a heavy heart and yet the wind is blowing and the smells of summer are so strong that I can’t help but stop for a second and take a deep breath in.
I am grateful for that.
I am grateful for my family and for the opportunity to tell them I love them.
Something I don’t do often enough.
I am grateful and yet I feel kind of lost.
Like I don’t know what else to feel.
Life can be so complicated, but when it comes down to it, it is really not complicated at all.
It’s your family and friends and the ones you care about.
That’s all that matters.