Things That Bring Me Peace

Things That Bring Me Peace
1. A clean (and quiet) house
2. A lavender scented candle
3. My Indie singer/songwriter station on Pandora
4. A fire on a cold day
5. The windows open on a warm day
6. Coffee before everyone gets up
7. A shower in the dark. Better yet…an outdoor shower.
8. Being by the water
9. My favorite antique store
10. A drive by myself with my radio up and the windows down
11. A good glass of wine or a cold beer
(really missing those right about now)
12. A summer night on the patio
13. A really loud fan when I sleep
**So I just had to break**
 Here I am trying to find my peaceful place when a scream comes from upstairs.
McKinnley just threw up all over the carpet in my room.
Spaghetti and watermelon.
Throw up does not bring me peace.
Really could use a number 11 right about now…