Super Mom

Most days I feel like this parenting thing is kicking my butt.
Most days I forget someone’s something or am late to someone’s someplace.
Usually our meals are not the healthiest and our bedtimes are not the earliest.
The kids usually end up crying and I usually end up screaming.
(Or is it the other way around?)
But every once in a while…
I’ll have a day like today.
A day where at 8:30pm everyone is in bed.
With their teeth brushed.
And their ears cleaned.
And a healthy home cooked meal in their bellies.
Wednesday August 21st 2013…
I rocked you.
And today was not just any ol’ Wednesday August 21st.
It was back-to-school Wednesday.
The FIRST day of KINDERGARTEN for my sweet Lilah-Gracie Bee!
We had a big breakfast and all drove the two big kids to school.
Pictures on the front steps…check.
Kids to school on time…check.
No tears. (For either mama or babies)…check. check. check.
We went to church, ran some errands, had a doctors appointment, went out for ice cream and were home in time to rest for an hour and cook dinner.
Just call me Super Mom.
For today anyway.
Tomorrow I’ll be back to the mom who forgets to pick her kids up from school and who feeds them cereal for dinner…
But for today…
Super Mom.