Pleased to Meet You

Hey There!
I am Whitney Logan creator of 
If you'd like to here the story behind the name,
 click on over to the
 and I'll tell you all about it.
There, you can also read a little about my shop...
What I offer and what inspires me.

But first...
Let Me Introduce Myself
Like I said, I am Whitney Logan, and was born and raised here in Richmond, Va. 
I am married to my high school sweetheart and am a mom to four crazy awesome kids.
9. 7. 5. & 2.
Between carpool runs, baseball & basketball games, gymnastic meets, soccer practice and naps for the baby,
they keep us pretty busy...
But we wouldn't have it any other way.
We recently moved our crew out to "The Country" where I am constantly trying to create a beautiful space where the six of us can make memories and write our story.
My mind is always going a mile a minute and 
has given me a creative outlet that I so desperately need.

I love to create.
I love to paint and get my hands dirty.
I love photography.
I love being outside and I love a good pair of cowboy boots.
I love to watch my children do what THEY love to do.
I love being barefoot and riding with the windows down.
I love a vodka, club soda, and lime with lots of ice.
I love outdoor showers, pond swims, and boat rides.
I love Friday nights with my house full of friends and family.
But I also love a Friday Night Movie Night with just my husband and kids.
I love picking crabs and trips to The River.
I love to go on 'Adventures'.
(those usually start with the best of intentions and end with some really great stories)
I love country music and I love it LOUD.
I love taking the winding back roads.
I love my house and our land...
But I love the people that I share it with most of all.

**You can follow along with our crazy crew on Istagram**

" just have to take the leap and build your wings on the way down"


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