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I just have to say that not even 5 minutes after I posted “Nap Time” my son starts screaming that he Peed IN HIS BED!! Okay so having potty trained kids isn’t overrated… I mis-spoke. Sorry. I walked right into that one 🙂

Nap Time

Its a rainy Sunday afternoon and I would like nothing more than to be in my bed right now, unconscious. I got up early with the kids so my husband could sleep in ( I know I deserve an award or something right?) and I’m just exhausted. Too exhausted to sleep. My kids are up in their beds “napping” if you’d like to call it that. My 3 year old is out cold. He was up in the middle of the night with a cough and then up at the crack of dawn because he had to go “pee pee”. I swear having your kids potty trained isn’t all its cracked up to be. It was so nice when they could just go in their pants and you didn’t have to drop everything to find them a decent place to go. Our son wakes up every night right around 3am screaming…”Pee Pee is coming!” He’s not even completely awake and goes right back down, but really, would it be bad to tell him to just go in his pull ups and let mommy sleep through the night for once?

Anyway… right now my daughter is up in her crib banging around and I keep trying to ignore it hoping that she will fall back to sleep. Her top two teeth are almost through so naps have been short lived around her for the past few days. I’m really not complaining though. I have been blessed with two great sleeping kids. They both started sleeping through the night around 6weeks old and after a few months of getting the nap thing down they both caught on pretty well. I know 3 year olds who don’t take naps anymore and all I can say is “God bless the mama!” I can’t imagine! I’m planning on putting my kids down for naps well into their teen years. There will be some days that Taegan will go with out a nap and god help me the next day because he is always a MONSTER! He’s such a boy. He plays hard and sleeps hard. Just like I like it! Alright, for now its quiet so I am going to find my spot on the couch and watch as much of a Sex and the City rerun as I can!

Counsin #24

Isabella “Ella” Day Hanky was born this morning around 1am. 6lbs 5oz. Lots of black hair and cute as a button. I am so excited to have ANOTHER cousin and the kids are glad to have someone in the family close to their age! Pictures soon to follow as she has already signed on with Lillie Bee to be a model 🙂

Pee Wee Soccer

Have you ever tried herding cats? I haven’t either… but I have helped my husband coach our son’s Pee Wee soccer team (The Goats) and I’ve got to think they are about the same thing. Twelve or so three year olds running in every direction squealing with delight (or shear fear). Although completely unorganized it is quite entertaining. But it does get hard to just sit back and watch. I know you’ve heard of all these horror stories of crazy parents who are out there screaming at their kid, the other kids, the coach, the parents ect… And I find myself on the sidelines having to hold myself back from becoming “that mom”. Its just so hard when your little guy is out there and is picking his finger nails while the ball rolls right in front of him. I mean really, GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME KID! I am partially joking (partially not). But, there is nothing better then when Taegan gets the ball on a break away and dribbles down the field to score a goal. It’s Pee Wee soccer, okay I know, but still he might as well be playing in the World Cup. When he looks over to me with this HUGE smile on his face and is jumping up and down…ooooh nothing is sweeter! Now not to brag 🙂 but Taegan is a pretty good little soccer player. ( I know your thinking…”Every parent says this about their child”) But Taegan comes by it honestly.

His dad and I both started playing soccer for the same YMCA that Tae plays for when we were five. Both of us continued to play through high school on travel teams and Logan played through college. So to say he’s got a pretty good understanding of the game would be an understatement. He’s fast (like his mama) and is a great defender. Still however focused he may be…he’s still three, and nothing really beats water breaks and snacks at the end of the game! The games are only like 30min long and they take like 7-10 water breaks. I don’t think half of them even work up a sweat but next to the snacks, water breaks are what its all about. They could care less what the score is or how well they played, but if they get a Capri Sun and some Goldfish consider it a Victory! So here we go. This is going to be my Saturday mornings for the next…wait…doing the math…15+ years! Maybe I’ll feel differently around year 11 or so, but right now, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What is Lillie Bee? and where can I get a headband??

I started Lillie Bee probably two months ago by total mistake. When I got pregnant with my son (which I wouldn’t call a “mistake” per saybut more of a blessing in disguise) my husband and I decided that I would be a stay-at-home mom (SAHM). And that was that. I never thought twice about not having a career outside the home. I didn’t want one. I was perfectly happy being a SAHM for the rest of my life, or so I thought. Being at home along with 3 month old isn’t as excited as you might think. I got restless. I had all these ideas going on inside my head and I had to do something. I tried my hand at a few different things. I signed up for classes at a local college, but quickly dropped them at the thought of having to find a sitter 3 days a week. I had my aunt and cousin teach me how to make jewelery and planned to start a website, but that got pricey and I just wasn’t dedicated enough. I started writing in hopes of publishing a book one day, still a goal of mine. I took up photography and started decorating wall letters for my kids rooms.

Then I got pregnant and all things came to a halt until the morning (all day) sickness wore off. At 20 weeks we found out that we were having a baby girl and were elated! I came home and the first thing I wanted to buy for her was a ridiculously large, girly, infant headband. I had shopped all over town and found nothing! I went online but the prices were high, shipping was too much, and the wait would have killed me. My daughter was born in July and by the time she was 7 months old I decided to make her a headband myself. I did. And it was cute. Really cute. I was obsessed. She had headbands in every color and size. Bow or flower it didn’t matter. We would get stopped everywhere we went. They were a hit. So one night I thought I needed to get all these “crafts” that I was doing and get organized. Put them on a website. Sell them! Lillie Bee. In about a week I had a site set up and was open for business. I have a steady stream of orders every week and am in awe at what I have done. I am a business owner.

Saying bye-bye to the Baby Seat

So Lilah-Grace had her 9mo. check up yesterday. This was our first time to our “new” doctor. I say “new” bc I am not so sure that we will be staying there. I like the doctor fine. She was very nice and I really feel like she knows what she’s talking about. BUT…the office itself wasn’t too pleasing and the people in the waiting room looked a little “rough”. Now I don’t know is that a good reason to try and find a new place? They didn’t have any toys for the kids to play with and we waited for 50 minutes until they called us back! The waiting room was packed and there weren’t enough chairs… But the doctor herself was nice. The practice has gotten great reviews and is in a good part of town? Actually it is the same practice I went to when I was younger! I just didn’t have a great feeling about it. My son goes in for his 3yr appt. on Friday, so I’m thinking I’ll give it another try and if I’m still feeling uneasy I start my search again. WHICH brings me to the reason for this blog. So my daughter is 21.3 lbs and in the 85th percentile for weight, 75th for height. A healthy chubby happy baby! EXCELLENT! I wasn’t expecting her to be so big and was kind of caught off guard. This means it is time for…A New Car Seat! Now moms know that anything “new”, be it new doctor, preschool, car seat ect… Requires lots and lots of time spent on Google trying to read reviews and find the best prices. Its about time for my son to move up to a bigger car seat as well so now what do I do? Buy one for her or him? Buy each of them one? Of course I want the absolute best out there, but many of us right now don’t have $400 to drop on a car seat.

Muchless $800 on two! I try and get my husbands opinion…you can guess how that went. Not that he doesn’t car about the safety of our kids. He just doesn’t get how many options there are out there and how much research and thought I put into every major decsion that has to do with our kids. SO… I think I have made my decision. We are going to move Lilah-Grace into her brother’s seat and get Taegan the Graco Nautilus. It has the 5point harness up to 65lbs. (My findings are that the cheaper ones you can only use the 5point harness up to 40lbs which he will be by the end of this year! Can you imagine a three year old using a regular car seat! Frightening!) Once my daughter turns one and can face forward, we will go ahead and get the Nautilus for her as well (in pink of course). All of this because my daughter is a healthy happy baby…completely worth it!

Mommy went out last night…

Have you heard that new Kenny Cheseny song, I went out last night? Well, I did. Went out that is. Not last night, but 3 nights ago. I’m still feeling it. I had a blast. My girl friends from highschool came over to my house for a few cocktails and then we headed out. We talked, laughed, danced on tables…you know the norm. By 1:30am I was close to tears begging my girlfriend to take me home. I had been up and going since 6:30 that morning. I bit the bullet and got up early with the kids in hopes that my husband would let me sleep in after my wild night out. He did. But I only made it to 9:15, not sufficient. So here I am 3 days later and still trying to catch up on sleep. My kids take their afternoon naps at the same time, so today I tried to catch a few my self. It takes me forever to fall asleep in the first place, then every little sound I am thinking…was that her? Is he awake? Then its over. Going out just isn’t the same as it used to be. Would I change that…no way. I was happy to know that I could still “hang”…for the most part.

Daddy…Mommy doesn’t like surprises!

So…I hate surprises. Party pooper. Debby downer you say? Hear me out. I am the stay at home mom of a 3 year old boy and a 9month old baby girl. My days, like it or not, are full of surprises. Surprise visits to the emergency room, finding surprise bodily fluids in random places, surprisingly learning that my 3 year old can use the F word in the right content. Surprise!. I am constantly on my toes waiting for the next ball to drop. Who is going to start crying next, whose going to need their pants changed ect… So when it comes tooccasions that involve so called “good” surprises ex: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mothers Day, the idea of ANOTHER surprise just isn’t very appealing to me. Maybe its not so much the surprise aspect as much of a control one. Whatever you want to call it, a “good” surprise to me would be no surprise at all. Let ME choose where we are going for dinner, or pick out excactly what camera I want, or what necklace I want fromNordstroms. Not romantic? Bull crap. Getting exactly what I want, when I want it is going to make me feel a lot more “romantic” in the long run. My husband doesn’t get this philsosphy….is it just me?