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I’ve been really slacking lately on these posts.
Its all I can do to keep one kid healthy since the cold weather blew in.
But we are making it.
And we’re still here.
So until I can find some time and my sanity here’s what we’ve been doing according to my iphone…
(in no particular order)
Our cousin Ella Bella was in town and we spent Election Tuesday at Barnes & Noble!
(after voting of course)
I did manage to sneak away for a few hours to meet some best buddies for a much needed drink!
(or two)
If memory serves me right this was the night before Halloween. Let’s check child pack and play reviews!
Again…we are struggling a bit here.
This was one of the sweetest things and I’ll have to do an entire post on it one day, but LG came to me with a letter to God that she wanted to send up via balloon,
Tiny Macky “helping” with the laundry.
This is ONE of Taegan’s many drawings of his dog Rivers.
The boys got skillz.
I’m doing something super special with this right here.
Can’t wait for Christmas!
I did have one day last week where all three were in school for a few hours.
Instead of do the loads of laundry or piles of dirty dishes I decided to head to my favorite place.
I walk around here and find peace.
Ella Bella and LG.
Bat Girls.
We were prepared for Hurricane Sandy.
Pipa and Ry showed up at our door as Mr. & Mrs. Waldo.
Super cute.
My Owl, Army Guy, and Super Girl were pretty cute too!
Sick Day #3.
Crazy what they will come up with they’ve been stuck inside for days and banned from the TV.
Deep sea diving saving endangered animals.
Finally took this dude to the Doc.
What do you know!?!
He gave it to Baby Sis!
A sick kid = A snuggly kid…
Day One of Hurricane Sandy…
Doorway Puppet Theatre!
I knew I was about to be stuck inside for days due to the storm so I decided to pound the pavement.
Our “I Am Thankful For…” note that we put into LG’s Lettter To God.
“No People Allowed”
Halloween Day @ school.
Super Girl!
You can thank Boardwalk Empire for this purchase…
Ironically the last photo in the bunch….
I’m about to fill up my glass.

“Creative Minds Are Rarely Tidy”

For my children…
With Love,


Macky and Lilah-Grace were playing school last night and they made up their
“school names”.
Macky’s was Judas.
Should I be worried?
Then today on the way home from school Lilah-Grace was talking a mile a minute and said,
“Mom, I’m going to sing you the ABC’s…
uh…how do the ABC’s start?”
Again, should I be worried?
Can you tell who dressed these two this morning.
I love to let them dress themselves.
Here is my framed print from the craft show.
This guy had a great little set up and an Etsy shop that I promise I’ll find the link to by next post.
On Saturday night Logan’s sister came into town and stayed with us.
Instead of charging her room and board we accepted her payment in babysitting hours.
She is actually too sweet and is so great with our kids, so Logan and I had an unexpected night out!
We went to The Jefferson Hotel for dinner and drinks with MY sister and her new hubby.
Something I don’t think we have EVER done with out others or our kids in tow.
We had SUCH a great night that we might just offer Logan’s sister a room!
Its been rainy here for the last few days, but it makes for some awesome sunsets.
This one was taken as we were driving over the James River.
And since we’ve been stuck inside due to the rain, I got a little stir crazy and started redecorating.
Here is my Sweet Macky Girl with our heart leaf we found on a walk.
Look at those eyes!
Happy Tuesday!


We walked to a craft show this beautiful October morning and I scored this cute print! Can’t wait to get it framed and hang it in the kids playroom. This is one of the first lazy Saturdays we’ve had in a while so we took our time checking out the changing leaves and minos along our way. A lady pulled her car over while we had stopped to look at a creek and said, “Oh those were the good ole days. Y’all enjoy this!” I couldn’t help but smile. For all the afternoons that I feel like I could become an alcoholic, these days are so good. And we truly do enjoy it all.

All I Can Do…

Its all I can do these days to keep up with this blog through instagram.
Things have started slowing down and I hope to get my groove back soon.
Until then…
Here is what we’ve been up to.
In no particular order bc it takes too much time to figure out how to get the pictures to post chronologically.
Macky girl gettin’ dirty at the farm.
A sunny September afternoon in the yard.
My office setup one sunny September morning.
A centerpiece arrangement from my sisters wedding with a little Fall touch.
Where I’m getting all of my Fall inspiration.
Macky can’t get enough of herself in the mirror.
Some of the signs I made for Sister’s wedding.
Gifts for myself from Anthropologie.
Taegan’s watercolor of an Indian.
We celebrated our 7 year anniversary.
And by celebrate I mean I took this picture of my computer and texted it to my husband.
Pretty romantic, huh?
This is how the dinner rush looks at my house.
Maid of Honor gift from Sister.
They are my kids initials.
I’m kinda obsessed with it.
Macky found these old cowboy boots in her closet that used to be my brothers.
He is now 19.
Taegan and Lilah-Grace wore them too.
I live for that sort of thing.
My beautiful girls.
Lilah-Grace did her own hair this particular morning.
Can ya tell?
This was also in the morning.
Like 7:15 AM.
Rainy afternoon watching Dora with my girls.
Macky said her baby needed to be buckled in too.
Taegan has some buddies over.
Three six year olds and a house full of toys and they end up in front of his iTouch?
Macky trying on her “princess crown” for Aunt Pipa’s wedding.
My kitchen turned art studio.
My cousin Anthony and the guys from Rappohannock River Oysters is featured in an article in
Richmond Magazine.
They are opening a restaurant here in the area and my hubs is doing the construction!
And by doing the construction I mean he made the deal, bc we all know how handy he is!
This particular evening Macky peed in her pants as we pulled into Logan’s grandparents farm while bringing them dinner.
This was our solution.
An old pair of Taegans basketball shorts duck taped around her waste.
You do whatcha gotta do…
Wednesdays are “Macky & Mommy” days.
We don’t so much as pull away from the carpool line after dropping Lilah-Grace up when she asks to go to Starbucks to get a “coffee”.
Its hot chocolate people.
Tomorrow is Blessing of the Pets up at Taegan’s school.
So we picked up Rivers from Pops and he is going to hang here for a couple of days.
Tae is heaven.
I found Cinderella climbing the trees our front yard.
There is a rumor going around that these kids are going to Disney World!?!
My girl is ready.
An amazing sunset after an amazing night at Logan’s grandparents farm.
A gift.
Sister comes over to borrow luggage for her honeymoon.
The girls say they are going with.
This was my Friday night last week.
Lilah-Grace dressed her sister for school this day.
All the teachers commented on her very
“Lilah-Grace” outfit.
Which bring us to today.
Today is Wednesday.
I think.
And Macky and I spent our morning together and stopped by Daddy’s office for a visit.
I feel like I am starting to get my breath back.
Between getting the kids in school (three different first days/ three different meet the teachers/ three different back to school nights/ and three different supply lists) and planning/decorating/being in my sisters wedding,
As my husband so sweetly puts it…
I’ve been a crazy person.
But October has rolled in and I am welcoming a little bit of a slower pace and even some cooler nights.
I see lots of apple picking, football and fire pits in our future.
Happy Fall Ya’ll!

All Three

All three are in school as of yesterday.

My Girls

With tae back in school full time I’ve been spending a lot of time with my girls. I love to watch them play together. I remember thinking when Macky was a baby that someday I would be glad they were 16 months apart. Well… It’s that day. These two don’t do much without each other. They play babies and a game called “do you want to come to my house?” Lilah grace takes care of here little sister just as Macky takes care of her. They help each other get dressed and eat breakfast. They hold hands in stores and kiss each other good night. I sure do miss my little man while he is at school, but I am loving this time I’m getting to watch my sweet girls. Because after all… They’ll both be off to school in a blink of an eye.

And Just Like That…

And just like that I’ve got myself a first grader!


So busy.
No time for posts.
No time for camera.
But here is a peek.
Thank you Instagram.

How Quickly The Tides Can Change…

Oh how quickly the tides can change.
My last post I sat in this same spot on the couch and wrote about how I was feeling so high on life.
Tonight I’m sitting here in the dark as my computer screen puts off a harsh glow that aggravates my already pounding headache.
And eating my words
My patience bottomed out this evening.
It has been a long hot day.
A long hot two weeks for that matter.
 And tonight, I finally gave into this cloud of anxiety and stress that has been following me/us around.
I’m not sure how else to describe my feelings right now other than just plain overwhelm-ing-ness-ful.
And tonight after trying to fight off a headache for hours, Taegan and Lilah-Grace pulled my hair…HARD.
And I snapped.
I went from reading them a story and tickling their stomachs to…
They must have know I meant business b/c that was the fastest/easiest bedtime routine…
So, unlike the other evening where I was sitting here enjoying every last second of my evening in peace,
tonight I popped two Tylenol PMs and I hope to be knocked out in a few minutes.
Here’s to a better tomorrow.

Startsky’s Bored

I have our french doors open this morning.
For the first time in weeks the air is not heavy with humidity.
The heat is coming, I’m sure, but for a couple of hours I like to be able to hear the birds and bugs as I’m cleaning and making meals.
I can’t believe it but the time has come to start to shake myself out of my non-scheduled mind frame and to start thinking about deadlines and paperwork for…
School for my little man starts in one week and I cannot believe it.
It seems like it was just a week ago I was sitting her wishing hard for the heat of the summer and now here I am quietly rejoicing that we are nearing cooler temps and more scheduled days.
I am always up for a change.
And maybe its just my ADD talking…
but “Startsky’s Bored”.
I’m ready for a new challenge and a new pace.
Although this next months pace is about to rival Usain Bolt’s 100meter record!
As of this Friday, we will officially be in the ~One Month Countdown Until Sis’s Wedding~.
Her wedding week also coincides with the start of school for the girls and all of the Back to School shenanigans that will be going on with my 1st grader.
Its gunna get ugly.
I am bound and determined to start this school year off on the right foot.
I’ve cleaned out the kids closets.
I’ve gotten the mudroom ready for backpacks and lunch boxes.
I’ve gotten my desk in order and ready for report cards and school forms.
My To-Do list is a mile long, but the mere fact that I even have one is a step in the right direction.
In the spirit of The Olympics (which have been keeping me up past midnight for two straight weeks)  we will be in training.
Hardcore, intense, endurance testing training.
 The Start of School.
We will will be going to bunk beds and waking up earlier.
We will be reading and writing and watching less TV.
We will be eating more meals at home.
We will shower every day.
(okay that last one is probably a lie…baby steps)
You get my point.
This is a practice run.
We are going to do the 2012/2013 school year right people…
You with me!?!
Just trying to get myself a little pumped up b/c the thought of waking up at 6:30 tomorrow (which is my goal for the school year) makes me want to puke.
And cry.
Maybe I’ll shoot for 7 and work my way down?
Oh who am I kidding…
7:30 and we’ll go from there.
See you bright and early tomorrow morning!!
A Tape Web.
My attempt to keep the kids entertained.
Lasted all of 10 minutes.
Yea…we’re ready for school.

Hey..Watch This!

If a conversation with any three of my kids begins with…
“Hey Mom…Watch This!”
I can almost always guarantee that it is not going to end well.
I swear… the ideas that they come up with in their little heads are quite amazing.
So, this morning, when Taegan said he was going to get some water and immediately followed it with a…
“Hey Mom…Watch This!”
I knew I was in for a mess.
His grand idea was to stick a straw, a twisty one at that, up to the water dispenser in the refrigerator and press the button and drink.
Lilah-Grace shouted a, “Hey Mom…”, the other day and I usually respond to her with a little more urgency.
I was warranted in my concern and found her walking on the back of the couch like it was a balance beam shouting that she was going to “Win The Gold”.
But, it’s not always the kids that I have to worry about either.
A few weeks ago my husband hit us all with a big…
“Hey Watch This!”
And proceed to ride Taegan’s Razor Scooter down our steep front yard hill.
He rode the break the whole way down and as it would have it, the metal on metal of the break burned a hole right through the bottom of hit foot.
An injury we had to hear about for the next 3-4 weeks.
Although a “Hey watch this” is usually a sign of something bad to come, the alternative is not much better.
If its quiet for too long you know something is up.
Also a dead give away?
When you ask…
“Hey, what are you doing?”
And you get a quick responds of…
You know your in for it.
There is just a little something I’ve learned in my 6 short years of being Mom.
Watch this!

At Home

It is rare that I get to relax in my own house.
That’s weird to say out loud b/c I work so hard to make this space a place where my family feels safe and happy and calm.
I guess sometimes I forget to enjoy it too.
It is weird that I feel I have to leave home, go on a vacation, or a getaway to be able to relax.
But my house is my battle station.
My home base.
My operation headquarters.
I get so busy and distracted and feel like if I’m relaxing… I’m wasting time.
But tonight I have remembered.
I have remembered to enjoy the whirling ceiling fans.
To enjoy my comfortable couches and a cup of tea out of my favorite mug.
Our house is not big.
It does not sit on acres of land.
It does not cost millions of dollars.
The rooms aren’t huge and there is never enough closet space.
But when I look around every nook and cranny is home.
I love that I can hear my kids footsteps when they are upstairs from any room in the house.
I love that we all pile into our bathroom to get ready.
I love the color on the walls and ya’ll know that I love my kitchen sink!
I love that we have worked so hard to call this house our home.
I love that we spent our first two years of marriage in a 4 room (4 rooms total, not 4 bedrooms, 2 bedrooms and 2 bunk beds ) brick farm house that was built in the 1700’s.
I love those memories we have there.
I love how much we appreciate where we are now b/c of where we have been.
A home is not something that you buy.
A home is something that you work for.
A home is where your treasures are.
Where your favorite pictures hang and where your children play.
It is where you keep your family silver and where you sit around the table for dinner.
It is where you are safe and happy and at peace.
Right now…
 Sitting on my couch and writing by the dim light of a side table lamp, with my kids asleep upstairs, and a cup of tea in my hand…
I feel so at home.





My List of My Favorite Public Restrooms…Your Welcome

I don’t know why potties are on my mind so much lately.
Maybe its the fact that most of my days I spend taking someone to the potty, cleaning up after someone has gone potty, searching out all the clean public potties in the Metro-Richmond area, or sending someone to time-out for potty talk.
Here I am.
Second post in a row on…
Macky DID NOT use the potty this morning when we were at Taegan’s school for photo shoot.
She did, however, drop trow on the playground in front of a group of 5-10 moms and peed right under the swings.
I, of course, was oblivious until one mom came over and asked…
“Is SHE yours?!?”
When someone asks you that you never know where its going.
It could be, “Is she yours? She is SO cute!”
Today it was the other.
I ran over to Macky with her butt in the air and really all I was concerned about was the fact that we had just gotten there and I had no change of clothes for her.
To my surprise she has perfected her “squatting” technique and walked away relieved and dry.
I swear if there other moms there I probably would have just given her a big high five!
I really wanted to talk about The Public Restrooms today.
This summer I’ve done a lot of running around with the kids in tow, which inevitable means countless pee stops in the Oh-So-Dreaded Public Restroom.
I have searched out and have a list of some of my favs though.
1. Vineyard Vines.
Vineyard Vines just opened at our near by mall and aside from the fact that I could live inside that store, their bathrooms are absolutely beautiful and I usually go out of my way to make it there if a potty is needed.
2. Saks is always a trusted favorite.
A single so that you can pile all your kids in at once.
Always clean.
And most always vacant.
I guess the rich folks never need to pee.
3. I do love the Family Style restrooms that they have at our malls.
I can not tell you how much I adore not having to pick up and hold kids on those tall adult toilets.
Our mall has teeny tiny potties and sinks so the kids can do it all on their own.
Love that.
Now, some that are on my *shit* list.
Pun intended.
1. Dicks
~Ha. That was not intended but pretty funny~
Seriously though, Dicks Sporting Goods has their restrooms all the way up on the second level and in the far back corner near the hunting gear.
2. Panara
Love Panara.
Not a fan of the bathrooms.
3. Martins
They use so much air freshener in that place that I come out smelling like a toilet bowl and my eyes watering from fumes.
There you have it my friends.
I’ve done the dirty work…
So hopefully you don’t have to!
Anything for these goofballs.










Potty Talk

I have many of my great ideas and thoughts in the shower.
It is there where I can process my day, think through my problems, and come up with genius schemes.
My girls, however, have their great thoughts and ideas come to them in a little bit of a different spot.
The Pot.
That’s right…
 I have had some great conversations with them in the past few days while we are stationed in some public restroom or another waiting for them to do their business.
Last night while we were out to dinner Macky visited the restroom a cool three times during our 45minute meal.
While I was squatting in the women’s room for the second time in 10 minutes Macky and I had a deep conversation.
“Mommy…yous a gir?”
“Yes baby I’m a girl”
“Is Daddy a gir?”
“No baby, Daddy is a boy.”
“Am I’s a boy?”
“No baby, you are a girl.”
“My poopy is weally hinky”
“Yes baby…it is…”
And the other day while we were home and Lilah-Grace was taking care of her business, I was brushing my hair in the mirror and she said to me….
“I can’t wait to be a Mommy”
“You are going to be a great Mommy one day”
“Can I be a Mommy tomorrow?”
“No baby, not tomorrow, but when you get older.”
“Yeah…like when I’m 16?”
“No sweetie not 16, older, like Mommy”
“Well how old are you?”
“Wow. That’s old.”
“Alright….Are you done yet?!”
Potty Talk

“If You’re a Bird, I’m a Bird”

 Most of the time…
Things do not go as planned.
Case in point:
Our vacation.
It seemed to be over before we had even gotten started and in the middle of our fast paced days we were given a punch to the gut.
A couple days in, we got a call that Logan’s grandfather had passed away.
We hung around for a few more days, but nothing was quite as bright as it should have been.
You know the quote from the Notebook…
“If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.”
Logan and I will say that to each other every so often, and it was so true this past week.
He was sad, so I was sad.
He was shaken, and so was I.
He is the one that is usually my shoulder to cry on.
The one to bring my feet back to the ground.
For the past few days we have had to switch places and I’ve got to say…
Being the responsible one is NERVEracking!!
(Not that I am not responsible…
I do, for the most part, keep three children healthy, happy, fed, bathed and most importantly…
But its different.
I’ve got to say I’ve said some really bad jokes and probably had some bad timing as well.
But I am doing my best to show that I can be strong too.
I can be his shoulder.
I can hold down the fort.
I can have his back.
If you’re a bird…


A good reminder for today…

Storm Warning

I think I’m fairly normal.
I don’t have too many quirky qualities.
I’m not OCD.
I don’t have food issues.
I can pretty much go with the flow on most things.
In the past few years I have developed a real fear.
A fear…
of storms.
Tornadoes in particular.
It seems like a silly fear because we do not live in the midwest.
We do not have tornado shelters.
Or sirens.
Or funnel clouds.
I have tornado dreams at least two or three nights a week.
I watch news coverage of the tornadoes in the midwest and am in tears when I hear the stories of the mothers having to lay on top of their children so they don’t get sucked up into a spinning cloud.
Its a feeling I can’t quite explain, or control.
My legs kind of go numb and my hands tremble.
My face is tingling and my breathing is short.
I am seriously afraid.
This past Monday a storm blew through here out of nowhere.
One second the sun was shining and the next the wind was whipping and the tops of the trees were touching the ground.
Monday happened to be the day that I decided to wash our sheets and let them line dry out in the sun.
So, when I saw our duvet comforter lifted up and blown across the yard, I figured it was time to take cover.
I woke the girls up from naps (you know I must have been scared) and ushered Taegan into our downstairs bathroom.
The kids didn’t even think twice about waiting out the storm in the bathroom, b/c unfortunately ( or fortunately) we do this semi-often during hurricane season.
As we sat together, crammed in our half bath, the lights went out and we could hear branch and limbs going down all around us.
I was constantly updating the Weather Channel App on my phone and was trying to seem calm as
scrolled across the screen.
It lasted all of 15 minutes, and when we emerged from our safe room we found our lawn furniture had been swept down the road.
Towels and bathing suits were whipped into our neighbors lawns.
Trees and limbs were down all around us.
But we were safe.
A little over 24hrs later and we have regained power, cleaned up the yard,
and my nerves have settled…for now.
I have given some thought to how I will handle our next storm.
It will most likely involve some sort of alcoholic beverage and a flashlight.
I’ll keep you posted.

Lindsay Lohan’s Exhausted??

 I recently heard on the news that Lindsay Lohan was rushed to the hospital for
I know she was “working” and probably out late and up early.
But I have to wonder…
She’s got an assistant, right?
A driver?
A cook?
A maid?
She has someone to do her hair and pick out her clothes?
Someone to pay her bills and keep her calendar?
How is it…
 I wonder, that she could be so exhausted that she needs to be rushed to the emergency room?
As a mother, we are responsible for our own transportation, cooking, cleaning, self maintenance, bill paying, event planning, etc…
All those same responsibilities times however many children we have birthed (which is a whole other story and level of exhaustion that she has no idea about either).
I don’t know about you…
 But I’ve never met a mother who has taken the day off b/c of “Exhaustion” much less gotten to ride in an ambulance with some cute EMTs (according to LL’s tweet minutes after her visit) to go to the ER.
If she thinks her life is exhausting, I’d love to have her spend a day in my shoes.
Lord knows she might end up six feet under!
The news said she was suffering from exhaustion and dehydration due to working 85 hours in 4 days.
Sounds like a vacation to me!
Most days I eat scraps from my kids meals and run on the two cups of coffee I drink at 7am.
My nights are interrupted on the hour, every hour, by one of our three kids who either…
1. peed the bed
2. needs a drink
3. are scared of the shadows their room.
In conclusion…
I am not buying the ‘Exhaustion’ bit.
Give us a little credit, throw us a bone, and at least give us something to gossip about on the playground…
 Like she was injured after falling while dancing on the bar tops or she had one too many visits in the tanning bed and now resembles Tan Mom.
Thank You.
Exhausted Moms Everywhere